Well, I haven't made an entry in awhile and for the next couple months I probably won't post much. Why? Tis the season. Yes, I all ready feel the pressing of the season. So much so that I've started gathering stuff to get the Christmas Cards ready. No, I don't plan to send them out before the beginning of December, but signing and addressing everything can be time consuming, and that doesn't even count the few dozen that I write personal messages in.

The past two years it has been kinda late before I get them sent out and so this year I'm hoping to get CCs out of the way early. I'm also (semi-hopeful) that I can get the Christmas decorating out of the way this weekend. One reason I might not is because it is supposed to be a bit coolish this weekend and I'm still a bit sickish, so being outside decorating might be a bit much. But I usually always decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving or the week of Thanksgiving, so if I delay it would only be a couple days.

I'm hopeful that I can get all this out of the way by Thanksgiving anyway, and then maybe I'll have a week or so without distractions where I can work on some of my fics. There are several that I was hoping to finish before the end of the year, but now I'm starting to think it is going to take me just a bit longer.

For those who aren't skipping straight from Halloween to Christmas - I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.