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Bates Motel 1x03 What's Wrong With Norman


Really I could stop there because that pretty much sums up this episode. Turns out Momma Bates may in fact not be insane, and it's all Norman, because this episode revealed that even though right now Norma Bates is still alive sometimes the Mother who speaks to Norman isn't actually there. Already! Then there's a bit from last week where Norman pretty much tried to kill his half-brother and it seems Norman doesn't seem to remember that - just like perhaps he doesn't remember killing his father. So again WHOA Norma Bates may be entirely normal and Norman is just flat crazy-cakes.
(Dylan gives Norman the hair-eyeball there, but I'm not sure he believes Norman doesn't know/remember. Still there's a nice moment in all of this where Dylan tries to make Norman see sense when it comes to Norma, except now we know Norma may not be the problem here.)

This calls into question something Norman sees in this episode. So, WAY back in the first episode Norma kills her rapist with Norman as witness. But Norman kept something from him, and it's found by the nice cop in the current episode, yet he seems willing to protect Norma - possibly because he thinks Norman did it and she's protecting her son, or possibly because he's evil. Who the hell even knows right now? I mean, I'll grant the abrasive asshole cop (Officer Guy-liner) is all asshole-ish, but I admit I've been suspicious of the "nice" cop from the beginning. Anyway, the "nice" cop has the something hidden at his home - Norma feels safe enough with that, but then later "Norma" tells Norman that he needs to get it back (so "nice" cop can't make "them" do things like Norman's father did - interesting, very interesting), well, in the process of that Norman thinks he's found the slave-girl from China that Emma (our sick girl) is obsessed with in the "nice" cops basement.

But from the previews (for next week) it would seem Norma checks the basement and no one is there, but again who knows, maybe she is there and the "nice" cop hid her after he found evidence of someone (Norman) in his house, because also according to the previews the "nice" cop maybe shows up to arrest Norma.

Actually, I was a wee-bit disappointed about something - Yes, Officer Guy-liner comes across as a bit of a prick, but I was actually wanting him to ultimately be a good guy, and that he was basically giving Norma trouble because she tingled his cop senses. I mean, after all, she did kill a man - yes, said man had raped her, but after all that instead of calling the police and admitting that yes she killed him but really he was begging for it (to be killed) - at this point she be justified, but instead of calling the police she convinced her son to help her clean up the scene and more importantly help her get rid of the body. So, yeah, I'm kinda hoping the Prick Guy-liner Cop actually turns out to be a good cop and is only bugging Norma because he (like the audience) knows something ain't right there. Okay, not disappointed yet, but will be if they turn this guy into the biggest dirtiest cop ever.

Anyway, this week on incest watch: In the morning Dylan comes into the kitchen and greets Mr. and Mrs. Bates, which is as accurate as it is innuendo-y. And again according to the previews Dylan apparently confronts Norma saying that he knows enough to get Norman took away. So I'm wondering if next week's incest watch may have more.

So, I shall end this review the way I began it - WHOA!
No idea what you're reviewing, just wanted to say hi and hug so you don't get any ideas about me having forgotten about you, I'm just lurky and non communicating-ish lately. :)
*grins* It's fine - just a TV show.

And, for the record, I haven't forgotten about you either.