Okay, yes, I'm late with this my The Vampire Diaries review - I'm sorry, I meant to note in my previous entry that this would be late, because this was another hell-week for me, basically. I worked just over 21 hours in two days, so I knew that I wouldn't be able to slip online to do a review during that. However, for those of you that are interested in such things this weekend may in fact be the last one that puts me through hell - I may have finally found my sweet work salvation. It seems likely that this very weekend may be the last time I will be asked to pull the insanely long hours. The new people (did I mention on here that the people who owned the place where I work sold it at the end of last month and new people came in?) have finally taken over making the schedule and boy have they done me good (some of my-coworkers probably won't be happy, especially one who found themselves cut by about 11 hours) they've shortened the shifts! YAY! For example this week the longest shift I'll work will be eight (count 'em - sweet blessed EIGHT hours) and most of them will be seven. Whoo-Ho! But while they cut two people a few hours with their new scheduling they actually increased (if only slightly) the number of hours I'll get this week. Love me the new bosses, yes I do, and apparently they like me.

Anyway, even still this review would've been posted sooner than this, but LJ decided to be all screwy about loading the posting page and I sure as hell hope that ain't a new version they're going to go with, because I couldn't figure that mess out at all! But at least tonight (finally) it was back to normal so I could get this (finally) posted. Though it's still being a little screwy because I can't choose my avatar still.

However, for this day I admit I'm not really in a proper reviewing state of mind today, because last night I had to medicate (rather heavily) myself, and the effects of medicating are heavy with me today. Seriously last night was all about trying to restore me to default (pain) settings so I can properly enjoy the shorter shifts this coming week. But this is me giving the ye old review thing a try.

The Vampire Diaries 4x18 American Gothic

Well, this episode was better than the recent string of episodes, but that's a little like damning with faint praise, because mostly I came away from this episode (from what I recall) thinking how dare the idiots behind this show even imply that Katherine should aspire to be Elena. BULLSHIT! Katherine is awesome, Elena sucks ass!

I mean, okay, other stuff obviously happened, but after a few days that was the big thing that stuck with me.

Anyway, Caroline is still trying to petition for Tyler to return to the show, and she may have made some progress. Or well at least she got Klaus to admit that he's not giving hunting Tyler down his all, though that could be because he's dealing with all this cure crap and Silas, but he implies that it might have something to do with Caroline and his (Klaus's not Tylers) ~feelings~ for her. Though take heart fans of Tyler - even if he can't return for this season I'm sure next season when Klaus and his family moves away it'll be perfectly safe for Tyler to return, so basically what I'm saying is Caroline is kinda wasting her time here, and even she seems to realize it, because she does admit she has more important things to do.

But really I know the show is trying to say something at the end of the episode when Elena is being a stone cold bitch and Katherine is actually getting in touch with her inner feelings, but I'm damned if I can really figure out what that is. All I can really think is how in the hell are they gonna get from current Elena to previous Elena at this point without actually using the cure on her (and having endless sorry and wangst Elena there after), and for some reason I just can't bring myself to believe the show is actually going to cure her of being a vampire, so it'll maybe be interesting to see how/why Elena ends up flipping her switch back on.

Well, that and I find myself seriously wishing that Elena could remain on The Vampire Diaries while Katherine goes on to the new series The Originals, but that's not possible because both are Nina and I feel certain as good as she is even she could not pull that off..