So, last night I admit that I delayed watching this episode of The Vampire Diaries, because recently this show just hasn't been doing it for me. And while last night didn't really bring it I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as other episodes this season. So, this week I guess I had it backwards Supernatural is the episode I should've delayed watching (possibly forever) and I should've just went ahead and watched The Vampire Diaries ASAP thought admittedly even without The Big Bang Theory I couldn't have watched it on time (one of my BB teams was playing), but I could've watched it a lot earlier than I did.

The Vampire Diaries 4x17 Because the Night

At least this episode did attempt to explain stupid Elena - to a certain extent. Apparently, any vampires that turn their humanity off get stupid when it comes to feeding, which just doesn't seem like a great survival method especially in a place like Mystic Falls.

This episode also reminded me of something - in the overall after everything Caroline has been through I'm surprised she didn't turn it off first. I mean don't get me wrong I never wanted Caroline to turn it off, but I had expected because of all the shit the show kept tossing her way that she would at some point end up turning it off, and I thought that would happen before Elena turned hers off. Though to be fair I never really counted Damon in that equation. And, to be fair, after seeing Elena with it off now I find myself really hoping Caroline never turns it off.

And I also think maybe Silas is gonna get his wish - I've been thinking this for awhile, because the upcoming series is called The Originals, but right now there's only three of them, but if the wall is pulled down and everyone comes back... Well that gives the new show more originals to play with - not to mention more potential characters for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to play with overall. And if that happens then it seems likely events will fall out with Silas taking the cure and dying to be with his beloved while all the other characters simply return to move on or not.

And yet I can't be certain that's going to happen, because for some of the dead characters their actors have moved on to other things, and it would admittedly be a little weird to basically open it up but because of stuff outside the show not all the characters return. So I might be wrong and this might not be where the season is going at all, but at the moment it just seems like that's where this season four story is headed.

I will tell you one thing I am starting to have more sympathy/empathy for Team Originals than I am Team Elena... Okay who am I kidding it's been that way for awhile, but it's one of those things that just hit me while I was watching the episode that I barely care for anyone on Team Elena (yes, Caroline that includes you, but that's mostly just cause you failed to rip Elena's head off), and while no I don't really love Klaus at least he's not as tedious a character to me as Elena has become. On the other hand, while Elena using sex to get what she wants/distract is tedious, but all things considered does make sense, and I admit aside from that the Elena in Because the Night wasn't quite as bad as other recent versions of Elena.

But other than the above I admittedly don't have much to say about the episode itself. Though I guess I said how Damon acts/reacts to humanity off Elena would be telling about whether or not he likes Elena or if it's still all about Katherine - well, this episode offered no real insight on that score, except to show that deep down Elena is probably a lot like Damon (but since the show has been hinting that for awhile it's not exactly a surprise). Well, and that Damon perhaps has even more issues than we thought.