So, um, apparently I cannot review this episode without insulting everybody (writers/Carver/Singer/etc.) and their mothers while doing so. *sigh* I guess it wasn't a bad episode, but clearly I hated it. Sad because I didn't think I was hating this episode that much while watching (though I knew I wasn't loving it) but so far I've tried three reviews and all three of them have been of such nasty that even I'm too lady-like to post them.

Trying again now.

Hour and a half later:

Supernatural 8x17 Goodbye Stranger

So, the third time wasn't the charm - hopefully the fourth time will get it done. Though I guess you might be able to count this as a third try, because the second time all I could manage to write/type was "WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS THIS SHIT!" And this time mostly all I did was remove a few chucks of text from the third try.

I guess I'll start with what ticked me off the most... Okay, NOT the most, because a little something between Dean and Sam at the end of the episode ticked me off the most. *sigh*

MEG! Cass lives but Meg is dead and that pisses me off in ways that I can't really explain. Yeah, I've crossed the Cass hating threshold now, and not because of Cass himself, not really, but because Meg was killed and now every time I see Cass on-screen in an episode I will be thinking about this every time. Yet another chick dead while yet another white cock lives on. Yes, I can understand why they killed Meg - clearly the show is coming to the end of its demon story, so it's not that killing Meg doesn't make sense. But it's the fact that the damn angel story should've been over by the end of season six - yet because this show can't bring itself to kill Cass or at least remove him from being an angel that story keeps getting warmed over and redone while better characters than Cass keep getting picked off.

That and the fact that the show keeps giving Sam's stories to Cass because for whatever reason they (the show-runners) are too lazy to actually come up with something original for Cass. Seriously, at this point it seems like the entire point of Cass's existence is to take over Sam's place. And after last night I'd be okay with that. Write Sam out replace him with Cass, because that's clearly what you want to do (the show) and at least that would be just the thing I'd need to actually make a clean break from this show, and hell the writers would clearly be happier this way as well because they could finally write the show the way they want to without having to bother with "ol' what's his name - you know the tall guy!"

Worse still I'm not happy with the way they handled Meg before they killed her, though I do sorta understand why they did it the way they did. But part of the reason I liked Meg was because Meg was badass - it's why I had trouble warming up to Meg 2.0, because I'm sorry but RM just never managed to come across as badass as NAs Meg. However, RMs Meg had her moments, but this episode tried to soften her up even more before killing her, which didn't work for me. Nor did the stupid insert about Sam having yet more endless "I want out!" crap (Yeah, Sam at this point I want you out to, so I can get out). You know what show I meant what I said above - I'd be totally okay at this point if you really want to write Sam out and have Dean and Cass team up, because after last night's episode I just don't care. AND I'm tired of the Sam wanting normal nail being hammered so badly that I'd honestly be okay with Sam no longer being on this show or being an eternal side story, because I wouldn't be watching anymore and hoping yet again that Sam will get some kind of interesting story.

Finally as if the above wasn't bad enough then comes the real crap! GAH! Who wrote this episode again? Because they should be forced to give back the money they earned writing it. Seriously. Dean is once again pissed at Sam for lying, except this time Sam wasn't actually lying. I recall this scene an episode or two ago where Sam was all set to tell Dean the truth, but Dean truth-blocked him because now Dean wanted to believe everything would be rosy. So it doesn't make sense that Dean is pissed about Sam lying here because Dean practically got down on his knees and demanded Sam lie to him. Of course, that's just par for the course of this episode, because when you start thinking about it very little here actually works.

However, I can admit that the first half hour wasn't bad, it's just that when this episode went bad it almost literally went to hell in hand-basket.

In the end, there's so much else I could say - so much else I kinda want to say, or at least so much commentary I'd like to put back into this review, but I worked so hard to clean it up and take most of the extensive ranting out, and personally I think in doing all this I've already given this episode way more attention than it deserves. Though I will add the guest star they're bringing back next week played one of the stupidest characters to ever character on this show and if said character makes it out of the episode alive when Meg did not make it out of this episode alive... UGH! I'm a-gonna stop there, because I can always bitch about this next week. Stupid characters keep living while good characters keep dying.