The Vampire Diaries 4x16 Bring It On

I honestly don't know exactly what to say about this episode, except apparently Elena still sucks. I don't even hate her, but I was just as annoyed with this version of Elena as I have been with every version of Elena this season that show has tossed against the wall.

I mean other than that it wasn't a bad episode, though I don't really understand if Hayley really wants a shot with Tyler or if she's honestly just trying to help. But then Hayley as a character has pretty much always confused me. Well, maybe confused is the wrong word, mostly it's just that I've never cared about her as a character and I'm confused because she's honestly the type of character I should like. On the other hand, I don't wish Hayley dead like I'm starting to wish on Elena. Seriously, when Caroline started to attack I found myself hoping Caroline would lose control and kill Elena and then finally this show and this shows audience would be free of Elena.
(Still I hope they aren't planning to bring this bland Sam/Amelia-like Klaus/Hayley onto The Originals. Talk about ruining a show before it even gets started. Okay, one difference, I guess - at least Klaus/Hayley doesn't piss me off because of dis-continuity, but the two are as bland together as Sam and Amelia. But still talk about ruining a show before it even gets started.)

I honestly don't like how I've turned on Elena, though it's entirely the shows fault. Granted I dislike book Elena, but back in season one and two I loved show Elena. Now granted in season three she started I don't know getting stupid, and in season four I'm sorry but she just needs to die or at least experience some honest consequence(s) in some way.

You know on second thought I'm not sure this wasn't a bad episode. Apparently the sire bond is broken, but doesn't matter because Elena is still an idiot - she thinks she can run around doing whatever she wants and nothing will happen to her. Sadly she's probably right because everyone around her has their head so far up her ass that they'd never let her experience an honest consequence. But honestly I was expecting a humanity off Elena to be almost brutally smart, not painfully stupid. She's right - she's nothing like Katherine, because Katherine would never be this stupid.

I mean, Damon I sorta understand he's fucked by a human feeling Elena because she's sire bound to him, and a human Elena is obviously in love with Stefan, so this pale shadow of Elena is really all he has, but somehow I can't imagine him being happy with that - not if you know he does honestly love Elena because this certainly ain't Elena. And it's kinda sad when I understand Damon better than anyone else on this show, because right now Damon is the only character that's really making sense to me.
(On the other hand, I guess if he doesn't start missing human Elena then we'll know whether or not he really loves Elena or if he's always only just loved her because she's pretty much his only link to Katherine that he can get his hands on.)

And, no, even Stefan doesn't make sense to me, because just a few episodes ago Stefan was practically begging Bekka to wipe every memory of Elena from him, and now he's all "I support Elena to the end - to the end!"

Then there's Caroline and Tylers for real break up. I again don't know how I feel about that either, but I'm leaning toward actually not caring.

Sadly I'm starting to think that by the end of this season I'm going to be done with this show, because right now it's just not doing it for me. Seriously right now it seems what doesn't annoy me with the show I just can't bring myself to give a crap about. It'll be really weird if I start watching The Originals as I stop watching The Vampire Diaries.