Supernatural 8x16 Remember the Titans

Okay, I am now officially paranoid. *looks around* No, I kinda mean that seriously - most of the time I can write things off as just me seeing things that ain't there, but... Well, did you watch the episode? A South Park reference, which by itself could be written off as a co-inky-dink, but that wasn't the only thing in this episode now was it. What really got me was the cop explaining (as I've done in the past) on how to deal with zombies, but again almost everyone knows that. No, what really got me was the Dawn of the Dead mention, because me and a friend was recently having a Supernatural conversation on a message board where Dawn of the Dead was mentioned (I've already warned said friend to be paranoid).

And, yes, okay, fine, maybe that could just be because zombies are big deals right now, but I'm suspicious anyway.

Anyway, I'll move on from my maybe (but probably not) insane ramblings to reviewing the episode. Though at the moment I'm tempted to just sit here listing things I really think the show should do (and I'm seriously I wouldn't just sit here suggesting Dean and Sam naked, or almost naked washing the car, though obviously I'd clearly toss that in somewhere - oh, and could I finally get that pic of Cass naked and covered in bees now, thank you!).

Okay, clearly I'm having trouble moving on.

I think I wouldn't mind seeing Artemis as long as they didn't turn her into a love interest - what I mean is keep her all very serious and badass and this would be a good character. And I'm a little sad that we won't be seeing Prometheus again, because he was also a good character. On the other hand, I can't begrudge his ending here because it was good and oddly fitting all things considered.

But it's more than that... Back in season five the most disappointing thing (to me) about Hammer of the Gods was the fact that this was handled as a single one-off episode when really it should've been a multi-episode arc, because those gods had a vested interest in helping Dean and Sam - plus all of them trying to work together would have surely lead to some good times considering they are somewhat natural enemies.

Well, here we are again, and these gods would have as much of an interest in helping Dean and Sam now as those other gods back when, because if the citizens of heaven and hell are trapped inside this would give the others more free reign over Earth. Seriously, though as long as angels are around it would be hard for the former gods to rise up again, so really these gods should have a vested interest in helping Dean and Sam. So, yeah, I'd like to see Artemis again as well as others from the pantheon who should decide that helping Dean and Sam in this endeavor is in their best interest. Though obviously I can see where they probably wouldn't be that invested in keeping hell in hell, but much more interested in keeping heaven in heaven.

Really though even without all that other this episode wins simply for not taking Dean and Sam lying to each other yet again out for a spin. I mean sure Dean wouldn't let Sam tell him exacts, but clearly Dean knows something is wrong and Sam wanted to tell him so this isn't like their keeping secrets from each other for the billionth time.

But mostly at various points throughout this episode I found myself wanting to bring Sam an epic salad and wrap him in a snuggie, and to bring Dean the most epic pie ever and also a snuggie. The problem here is that both of them was also smokin' hot in this episode so not all my thoughts was totally pure, and that kinda actually makes me sad, because really I just wanted to give them both hugs, not continue to think how nice it would be to hump their legs while licking their necks. *sigh*

So, I was going to like I did from the previous episode and quote my fav bit. Problem is there's three, and I'm too lazy to transcribe them all, so summing up:

1. Dean pointing out that Sam shares a certain amount of history with Prometheus.

2. Dean getting all cute about being a Man of Letters - it's not that I think he cares - I think Dean's a bit like me and generally happy to let someone else (in his case Sam) do all the homework, but he wanted Prometheus to know that he and Sam are special too.

3. Dean reacting to Sam "insulting" Artemus. Yes, he should've probably cottoned on to what Sam was doing sooner, but it was still cute.

And an honorable mention goes to Dean being schooled about Fulgurite.

Though I'm not sure Dean is correct here, because I question whether or not Dean and Sam have never dealt with a god curse before just like I'm pretty sure before last week Dean never had a cat allergy, but *deep breath & letting it go* though I'm sure I'll probably bring it up again at some point, no doubt.

Peace out - Dragon Penis!
(And boy did that give me some interesting ideas on how they was gonna take out Zeus, at least for a few seconds before they poo-pooed my great thoughts!)