Cult (no cut for this one cause no SPOILERS and not that long!)

So, I watched this and I liked it. Some early reviews talked about how ~confusing~ the episode was, but it really wasn't. For example, it wasn't any more confusing than the average episode of Pretty Little Liars, but certainly more "confusing" then the average episode of a CBS procedural.

I will admit that it was more creepy than I expected. However, I'm not sure what I was actually expecting, but it was kinda interesting if you've ever saw a fan or group of fans on the internets and thought "this goes beyond amusing and straight into 'holy shit! it's a fan - get in the car and lock the doors!'

Of course, while I liked it the premiere ratings make it pretty much DOA (dead on arrival). Still I'll keep watching it as long as the CW airs it even though that probably means no real closure before it goes "poof."

Supernatural 8x15 Man's Best Friend With Benefits

Mikey liked it, and for once the title was actually someone relevant, which probably shocked me more than anything. Though I must admit I do wonder what the hell Dean was thinking during Sam basically asking if Portia could stay and then saw the beautiful girl on the bed. LOL But damn it all, I do feel weird because I agree with Dean - I have an almost pathological need to know which came first the woman or the dog.
(Seriously, now they need to do a witch spin-off so all things about witches and their friends will be revealed.)

Mostly though the episode was predictable. Of course, the dude having the dreams wasn't actually the killer, but of course Dean and Sam (but most especially Dean) would be ready to drop the dead hammer on him. On the other hand, Dean didn't go with the obvious jokes, and who knew Dean had cat allergies. Plus also bonus continuity (which I didn't comment on last week, because the episode was so good that I was just content to let it go) with Dean and his fear of dogs. Also, twin hell traumas acknowledged, though during that whole thing I couldn't help but think of the massive amounts of fanwank it was going to spawn. *rubs hands gleefully*

But seriously this episode had nice bits of continuity that felt natural and not just slammed in the episode to prove the people behind the show remembered what happened before. Star Trek Voyager used to do that alot - they'd shoe-horn in things about what had come before but it didn't feel natural and organic, but the stuff in this episode of Supernatural did. Okay, fine, bit of a flaw that evil!witch didn't at the very least toss off a comment to Dean and Sam about how much their lives much suck, unless I guess he just pulled up painful memories but wasn't watching them himself, but he did say he could get into their heads, and considering the nature of the flashes we saw... Well, at the very least someone somewhere coulda tossed off a comment.


Dean: "I don't--"
Sam: "They had sex."
Dean: "Wow. I, uh--didn't expect that."
Portia: ~explains~
Dean: "Understandable, you know, considering that you're a... Well, and that he's... That's -- Little help here. No?"


Sam: "Oh, by the way, got to hand it to you. It's been fifteen hours since Portia mentioned her night with James, and not one bestiality joke out of you."

Basically I'm gonna say not as good as the previous two (three, if a friend of mine is to be believed) but so much better than anything from the first half of season eight. But I am not hopeful about the mouth bleeding thing at the end, because seriously show we have all ready been there - many many and many more times before. Sam keeps things from Dean and it's a bad thing and then there's a fight... Don't go there again - let's have Sam reveal that shit is getting real right away.

Also, all things considered some tasteless stuff here, but Supernatural has never been champs when it comes to certain things. Still considering what month this is... I mean I'm not all bent outta shape about it, but do put it under things that make you go "dayum!" On the other hand, at least they did offer up a white dude in almost the same position which I don't know, kinda almost balanced it out (or maybe it's just not as problematic if you put it into a BDSM context, but even then only slightly), which is WAY better than the naked female vs clothed male torture scenes this show does ALL THE DAMN TIME! Still, yeah, everything considered this episode was not as good as the previous ones, but still better than anything early season eight offered, and that's kind of a sad commentary in and of itself - on early season eight or this episode I'm not sure which yet. Probably both.

The Vampire Diaries 4x15 Stand By Me

I don't know - I didn't like it, but didn't hate it either. Mostly I just kept thinking when Elena was so deep in denial and Bonnie was falling for "Shane"s crap that really what this episode needed was a visit from the Buffy gang. Because seriously almost everyone in this episode (except Matt, my wonderful Bekka, and hunter dude - yes, I love him, because he made Bekka totally badass!) needed a good swift kick in the ass. But at least the people behaving stupidly in this episode clearly wasn't done to prop other characters up, so okay.

And I was so hoping Full-On-Hopefully-Awesome-Badass-Vampire-Elena would come up with a better plan than burning the house. Hey, dumbass, it is NOT the best plan - April called and you told her Jeremy was dead - meaning two things: one you was home just before the fire - two you told her Jeremy was dead before the fire. Now granted I know cops in Mystic Falls are only slightly better than the cops in Sunnydale, but really you think that was your best plan? Turns out the citizens of Mystic Falls are even dumber than the citizens of Sunnydale.

Finally, I am most disappointed in the Silas thing - I was hoping he'd just wake up and be "Hey, I'm alive now!" and just get up and enjoy being alive. Yes, it would be a bit anti-climatic, but better than him just rising up and of course being the biggest bad to ever bad. *sigh* Because that is boring and predictable the other one while anti-climatic would've at least been something different.