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I'm being forced to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) - if you'll recall after last week's episode I was calling a certain someone my favorite Jew, and my girlfriend wishes me to inform everyone that she is in point of fact my favorite Jew.
(But in point of fact I think I should be forgiven for forgetting that she is in fact a Jew, because while her mother was devout she doesn't even practice and is only a Jew because her mother was a Jew, and she'll freely admit that herself unless (of course) I start calling someone else my favorite Jew. LOL I mean it's not like she randomly yells out "everybody loves bacon!" which might help me remember.)

Supernatural 8x14 Trial and Error

So many things in this episode and I have so much love for pretty much all of them. Okay, fine, the first repeato bit with Kevin and his endless days was a bit boring.

Dean getting a bedroom, and apparently being an awesome cook, which surprised me just a tad, and I don't know why but I really liked that. Then Dean trying to morph into the suicide blond (DEAN IS NOT BLOND!), which you'd think I wouldn't like, but I'm okay as long as this whole thing doesn't drag back into depressing Dean is depressed. Plus Sam stepped in and stopped him.

See! It is possible for both Dean and Sam to be awesome, and even better both to be awesome in the same episode.

I admit, though, I do have one teeny tiny issue - I doubt closing the gates of hell would stop hell-bound human souls from going there. Why? Well, because if both heaven and hell are both closed off humans would still die (or would they?) and then where would they go purgatory? Somehow I doubt that, so despite what Dean thinks I can't see closing the gates of hell stopping humans from going there just keeps demons from coming out.

Anyway, in addition to giving Dean and Sam shirt allergies (my formula is coming along nicely) I'm thinking I now need to start working on something that will cause them a pressing need to wear glasses all the time, because honestly who knew that they'd both be so hot with them, especially considering the ones they was wearing was them big ol' geek type glasses.

In closing - Kevin, I think in this case you should probably listen to Sam more than Dean - Dean gets overly invested sometimes, and you really looked like shit, so get some sleep.
Your gf needs to join Terran... *shifty look, crooked smile* of course I'd need to create an account myself then since registration is switched off...

How are you doing btw? Despite silence I do care and my hugs are in limitless supply. *hugs* :)
Oh, I'm doing okay - just busy working mostly.

As for the gf, she mostly just uses the internet for news and/or shopping. So even if she got an account she'd probably never use it.