Okay, so maybe the reason I liked both shows this week is because they was taken away from me. *shrug* I don't know I just think it's strange that I was having serious problems with both shows before the break and then when they come back I'm liking them so much better. Well, okay, I liked this week's The Vampire Diaries episode less than I liked Supernatural, but at least both shows seem to have gone through something of a course correction over the mid-season break and are now getting back on track.

The Vampire Diaries 4x13 Into the Wild


However, as I watched this episode I found myself starting to agree with all the Elena haters out there - her story is really the one dragging this season down. And I'm for whatever reason just not comfortable disliking Elena and until last night was able to blame it on the rapey sire bond that someone on staff just so very clearly loves, but last night it was just Elena that was annoying me. It's weird because I've never really liked book Elena all that much and I was okay with disliking her, but show Elena come along and I loved her for years but have really started to move in the other direction with her.

The sad thing is that I think Elena could win me back if that damn rapey sire bond would go away, especially if the show would go back to real Elena after that. And, to be fair, this episode does offer some clues that this would be the case. Finally, during a convo where Elena is assuring Damon becoming human again would not change her feelings Damon seems to realize that she's wrong. Now that on its own wouldn't be enough to give me hope, but then later in a scene with Bekka (LOVE HER!), Stefan (Eh! Stop brooding - DO SOMETHING INTERESTING!), and Elena (BOO!) even Elena seems to realize that while she "loves" Damon right now Stefan is the one who wants to be where she wants to be shares her hopes and dreams and all, unlike Damon who enjoys being a vampire and wishes to remain that way.

Interesting side note here is that I kinda love that Bekka also shares these things with Stefan and Elena, and I'm glad that show is finally giving her an almost sympathetic point of view, because I've always known that Bekka is a sympathetic character, but I could never be sure if show got that. Seriously, though with Bekka I just want to hold her forever and assure her that she is awesome and loveable, which I'm sure the actress knows that she's awesome, but that character doesn't and I just think she needs to be told these things.

And then along those lines there's... DAMN YOU, KLAUS! DAMN YOU TO HELL! TO EVER-LOVIN' HELL!

So, in a twist Caroline admits that part of her does like Klaus, but all of her can't forget what an evil bastard Klaus is, and he takes that as an invitation to torture Tyler using Caroline. He bites her (YOU BASTARD!) and as you'll no doubt remember the bite of a wolf (even a hybrid) is fatal to a vampire and so now Caroline lays dying. And what makes Caroline amazing is she's all (to Tyler) "get me out of here I can't bare to be around him" even though she knows he's like literally the only one who can save her now. And even Tyler isn't bad here - he promises Klaus anything hoping that Klaus will save Caroline, but early on Klaus is a big doodie-head and won't do it, so Tyler and Caroline leave.

Later Tyler (not Caroline - I'm so proud of her!) makes the decision to force Klaus to watch Caroline die. Now granted I know Tyler's plan here was for Caroline's awesomeness to overwhelm Klaus into saving her, but I'm unclear on how much of this plan he shared or planned with Caroline - I'm actually hoping none and it was just her own awesomeness that won the day (cause yes she is just that damn awesome!), but we may never know. What we do know is that her awesomeness does exactly what Tyler was hoping and at the point of death (AND DAMN YOU JOSEPH MORGAN!) Klaus just can't let her die - he can't do it! So with tears and oh-so-many emotions in his eyes he grabs her and saves her. Seriously though with a lessor actor playing Klaus I would probably just outright hate him and totally be okay with that, but JM justs gots that magic something that makes Klaus one of those characters you really want to hate (seriously you want to hate him so damn bad) but you just can't bring yourself to ever completely hate him. UGH!