Supernatural 8x13 Everybody Hates Hilter

Sooo, I liked it. Seriously, out of all the episodes I've seen this season (keep in mind I missed three) this one is my favorite. Obviously that could change when I'm finally able to watch the episodes I missed. And to be fair I think I'd have really liked the previous episode as well, but because of the lack of a CW I didn't get to.

Really there's only one little problem I had with this episode and that's Dean. Sure the moment when Dean "realizes" that he's not being followed is cute it's just really weird that Dean acts like this is the first time that's ever happened to him, which makes the whole thing needlessly homophobic. I mean, really, at this point in his life this cannot be the first time Dean has been "hit" on by a member of his own sex, but yet they have Dean acting like I said weirdly cute but also as though this has never happened to him before, and I just have trouble believing that. Come on, Dean Winchester is hot so it's really hard to believe some guy hasn't tried hitting that before even aside from the vampire from season six - just saying. So instead of Dean getting all cutesy weird about it at this point I'd think he'd just roll his eyes and move on. And for the record at this point in the game I wouldn't even believe it would be the first time it's happened to Sam.

But still considering the track record this show has with "sensitivity" on issues I'm rather surprised all things considered that the above was really the only problem I had with this episode. I mean after all with the title Everybody Hates Hilter this could've been offensive to the extreme, and yet in the end it's a nice little cute episode that does introduce some potentially interesting elements for Team Supernatural to play with. Hopefully those things won't be dropped to drag us once again back into Angels vs demons part DUH.

Though, Men of Letters is a bit of a stupid name, but it's okay I understand "Watcher's Council" was already taken.

Also, I want to give the make-up department a shout-out, because most of the time I admittedly laugh at them more than anything, but they deserve props this time around. When Sam was shot with dart and starting zombing out that was really good, so props this time around people.

And I suppose I should give the writing department a bit of props considering recently I was bitching about my problems with Cass's continued presence in the storyline and this episode did at least address the fact that Dean and Sam have been calling for Cass he just isn't answering. That's been one of my biggest problem with Cass since season five, really. During season four and five having him around worked because it was a part of the overall story and Cass didn't stand out as the most powerful to power and therefore could solve all the problems with a snap of his fingers like he does now that the big angel on angel showdown has been avoided.

Now at least in early season six they addressed this by having Sam mention calling Cass and Cass just not answering, but then came the Dean turned into a vampire episode and not once did they think about calling the powerful angel they both personally knew, and that's been annoying me every since. There are many times when they really should at the very least call Cass but they don't because that's not what the script calls for probably because then Cass could solve the problem of the week in five minutes and then what would they do for the rest of the episode?

So for me that's pretty much the biggest issue with Cass's continued presence in their lives/on the show. When they have a big problem and then don't call him in he's conspicuous in his absence. Now that could be avoided if the show-runners would just do something to mute/lower/whatever his power - the whole Eve thing would've been a perfect place to do that, or his "death" at the end of season five, or even after his big bad try in season six (when he came back AGAIN) toward the end of season seven. But even now they could just insert it somewhere and make him more your average witch who could maybe help but not just snap his fingers and problem solved - episode over! Hell, at this point, even though once upon a time I hated the idea, they could just turn him human and be done with it. Then they could have they're cake and eat it too. Cass could be around sometimes but it wouldn't be as weird when he wasn't.

One itty bitty mention in one episode still doesn't solve that problem, but it was a nice little almost throw-away bit in this episode that had some relevance.

But in closing because I have been without a CW forever (or at least three long episodes) I've been reading more Supernatural sites lately (to get episode info) and because of that I find what I really want right now is an icon with Cass that has one of those big red circles with the line through it over him and the words "Blame Cass" somewhere on it. Why? Well, from what I understand from reading the internets is that Cass is personally responsible for Supernatural jumping the shark, but more than that he's responsible for everything from you running out of chocolate to Hostess itself going out of business - basically he's apparently to blame for anything and everything bad in the world. Ergo Blame Cass.
(That would make sense to you people if you'd just start watching South Park.)

I mean but seriously I knew there was Cass hate out there, but even I'm only just beginning to realize how deep it runs, and what's sad is even though I'm not the biggest fan of his character (obviously I think the character needs to be written out of the show or have his power(s) toned down), I obviously don't think he's the big problem with Supernatural this season or in previous seasons (in season six the bigger problem with Cass was that his arc had too much of it taking place off screen, and that in season seven his arc wasn't properly followed up instead we got leviathans) but this season Supernatural's biggest problem is (or at least it was before the mid-season return) Team Supernatural and their "lol canon! - what canon?" approach to things.