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So, basically after losing my local CW just before the new episodes started showing again (see previous entry) it would appear that on Monday I will have a CW again. YAY! I had actually had some hope that I'd be able to watch this weeks episodes, because my program guide had showed my CW returning at three p.m. Wednesday afternoon, but instead DISH routed in another CW at that time, but it wasn't one that was available on the DISH package I had, and it was the same thing when I checked again Thursday, but I checked again today and now it's showing a local channel that I all ready get picking up the CW starting Monday.

If this holds I will be able to start watching Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries again and if I start watching again I'll probably start reviewing again, though having missed three episodes of each show means that I won't exactly have all the canon information.
(And I will also be checking out Arrow, which I had planned to do this coming summer, but then I lost my CW and started thinking I didn't want to get into another CW show that I'd have to watch on DVD.)

And, yes, I have tried to download the episodes I've missed, but I'm on a dial-up net connection and so you can imagine how much "fun" it is to try and download TV episodes off the internet for me. Needless to say I've watched about three minutes of LARP and the Real Girl before I got annoyed and just stopped even trying.
(I would like to watch the episodes I missed - I admit that, because simply reading full on SPOILER recaps just ain't the same! BUT I am not going through trying to download them myself again. There was someone who offered to download the episodes to a CD and snail mail them to me, but said person was having problems making that happen. So in all likelyhood I will not see the episodes until the CW reruns them or until the DVDs appear on Netflix.)
I hope you get to see Arrow...that's a really good show.
*cuddle* :)