Well, I know I said after episode nine that I wasn't sure I'd be watching any more Supernatural but over the hiatus I'd decided that I would at least watch 8x10 before making a firm decision - since rumor has it that 8x10 was originally meant to be the mid-season finale episode. However, thanks to real life events I can't actually watch Supernatural tonight (unless something damn near magical happens over the next ten minutes). You see, yesterday there was some freezing rain moving into my area, and while it mostly missed my actual area (there was a light glazing over cars and porch steps but not on the roads or anything) the areas around me wasn't so lucky. That means CW is off air for me and the information I have suggests that it will not be back until Friday. So, in addition to missing Supernatural this week I'm probably not gonna be able to watch The Vampire Diaries either.

And, no, I'm still on dial-up so I will not be bothering to download the episodes either. What I will do is poke around the internets looking for full on SPOILERY reviews.

Well crap! Since I woke up a few hours before I had to work today I decided to check on the net and see if there was any news about when the CW might return to me, and now I is despressed, because apparently it won't. It would seem that my CW didn't go dark because of the ice storm (as I thought) apparently it went dark because of ~rules~. Which means I may in fact not be able to watch ANY of the rest of the season for Supernatural OR The Vampire Diaries.

According to what I've found this morning unless a new owner buys it then it won't be back, and from what I understand even if a new owner did step forward it would be something like April before it would attempt to even remotely get up and running again. *sigh*

What's weird is that from the SPOILERS I've read around the net I wasn't even all that sad about missing last nights episode of Supernatural, and was admittedly considering giving up the show entirely. But damn it! I wanted it to be MY choice whether or not I stopped watching Supernatural and wasn't even planning to give up on The Vampire Diaries until and depending on how season four ended. Instead now I'm giving them both up whether I like it or not.

So, anyway, it looks like I won't be able to watch until the current seasons end up on Netflix, and I probably will watch The Vampire Diaries then, but I'm still not sure about Supernatual, but again damn it all this should be MY choice and not a choice made for me. *sigh*