So, for those of us that celebrate - the food is now left-overs, the swag has been opened... And ya'll I got a TV for Christmas.

Okay, I guess a little history is necessary, because for once I don't think I've bitched about this on here.

So, anyway, my house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two TV rooms, but for years one of the TV rooms (mine aka the smaller one) has basically been a junk room, because the TV that was in that room was one of those big ass old ones. Now don't get me wrong it was a good TV for decades, but because it was one of those old ones it did take up lots of room just because it was so big. Anyway, about four years ago it stopped working properly (but I couldn't afford a new one) it would still work sometimes, but mostly the whole picture screen wouldn't have a whole picture it would just be one small strip in the middle.

Now don't get me wrong I didn't mind (usually - generally) sharing the big TV in the big living room, but I did miss having my own - you know for those times someone was watching something on the big TV that I cared nothing about.

Anyway, I also have trouble throwing things away. I mean I'm not a hoarder exactly (though I guess I'm probably boarder line if I'm being honest), because I can throw things away it's just that most of the time I just lay something down somewhere and then it just piles up (and honestly it does this faster than it should in my opinion), because I don't like throwing things away without at least going through it (for example I like to shred things with ANY personal info on it, and that takes time, and sometimes (most times) I just don't feel like going through all that just to throw something away). Which I think may be part of the reason a certain someone got me the TV in the first place, because they've been after me for years to clean the hell up. But I was always like "what's the point?" I mean it's not like I was using that room for anything else.

Because you see another part of my little story here is that a few months after my TV started playing out someone decided that the big TV in the big living room was out-dated and they wanted a new one. So then that old TV got moved to my room, and I kid not within a week that TV played out, but why it was annoying is because instead of moving the previous TV out we just put the newer TV on top of the big ol' old one. So, you see it was pretty junked up and crowded in that room, and admittedly when the second TV went out I just sorta gave up on that room.

But then I got my new little TV - seriously it is a little nineteen inch TV, but that's what I actually wanted in that room to begin with - I don't need a big ass TV back there. So, basically I spent my Christmas cleaning out that room and then removing BOTH useless TVs. And for once in my life I was actually happy about cleaning (usually I half-ass clean and so sometimes junk just gets moved around instead of actually getting throwed away), and now that room looks so damn awesome and clean that I really want to pick up all the accumulated junk in my bathroom, bedroom, and the laundry room.

BUT now because Christmas is officially over I need to take down the Christmas decorations before I really jump into cleaning. *sigh* I just hope I don't lose the urge to clean the rest of my living space up while taking the Christmas decorations down. I'd like to think it won't, because right now with that one room looking so nice the rest of my space that doesn't look so nice is actually pissing me off! However, I know me, and if too much time passes it won't continue to bug me so much.
(And I'm writing this instead of taking decorations down because I'm in the middle of a break - sue me! But the wind is blowing (and I don't mean it's breezy, I mean the freakin' wind is blowing!) and it's cutting right through me - basically it makes me real cold, so breaks are necessary! And once I get that cold I have to seriously warm up so I can't even get decor down inside while I'm on these breaks.)