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So, while I've had the house decorated since before Thanksgiving I did not have my shopping done. You see, I only get paid every two weeks so I had to wait until I got one of those big checks to finish my shopping off. Then wouldn't you know it after I got said big check I worked every day. Fine, I could've went shopping over the past two days, but first I had a doctors appointment, and then after that (because I'd worked overnight Sunday) I was still really really tired (aka sleepy) Monday but also yesterday. However, I got myself all worked back out by this morning and decided my shopping had to be done today otherwise it would probably be after Christmas before I got it done, and at that point it would be too late.

However, I am DONE!

There is a downside though. For those (like Santaman) expecting a timely Christmas card from me this year may be slightly disappointed, because while I (finally) got the local cards sent today I couldn't get the overseas ones sent off because the post office doesn't accept credit cards so I gotta wait for more money to send them off (which means it'll be Friday at the soonest) which means there is no way in hell they're going to get where they're going before Christmas. So, sorry Santaman I shall try to do better next year.
Mine will be late as well so don't feel bad about it. *hugs* :)
Yeah, but I bet my lateness will be later than your lateness.