You know if it wasn't for the fact that I'm deeply loving Haven this season I'd be wondering if my disenchantment/dissatisfaction with shows this season (Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and to some extent American Horror Story) was just me and not because the shows themselves have started to suck a lot or a little. But I liked the summer season of Pretty Little Liars and am loving the current season of Haven, and was (of course) enchanted with the recent season of Lost Girl so it's not every show just two (and to some extent three, because while I'm not hating American Horror Story this season I have to admit that I'm just not loving the current season like I loved the previous one).

I can say that at least the current (and mid-season finale) ended on a somewhat hopeful note, but mostly I just...

The Vampire Diaries 4x09 O Come, All Ye Faithful

I can say that at least the current (and mid-season finale) ended on a somewhat hopeful note (making me think we're finally maybe going to move past the annoying sire bond), but mostly I just spent the entire episode (or at least all the scenes with Damon and Elena onscreen) feeling the intense need to take a shower. Yes, in the end Damon did do the right thing, but... Well, that's sorta also my problem. For some reason this season of The Vampire Diaries the plot has slowed to a damn crawl, which I guess might not annoy me so badly if it had slowed to a crawl on a plot bit I was loving, but since it chose to slow to that crawl on a plot bit I'm currently hating it is more than a little annoying.

Funny, I remember starting out this season kinda not hating the idea of Damon/Elena, because I admit that I coulda rolled with the idea that despite how Stefan feels about Elena that he just couldn't love vampire Elena, but by the same token Damon would have no problems with that. Instead the show pulled a Buffy/Spike and kinda made me hate Damon/Elena more than I did to begin with, and it's really all because of the stupid sire bond.

Honestly, though despite the Damon/Elena bits I did actually enjoy this episode, but basically (as I all ready mentioned) every time Damon and Elena was onscreen together it just sucked the life out of the episode for me because again I suddenly felt sullied and in desperate need of a shower.

But I like that April found Bekka, now if April wakes Bekka up I might love her forever, which is a good thing since up to this point I've been pretty damn bored with her character. I also like that Stefan and Caroline echoed some of my thoughts. Yes, Klaus has done bad things, but so has Stefan, and yes Caroline has killed once, so it's not like they are princes and princesses of purity, and it was actually nice to have confirmation that the show realizes this, because honestly sometimes I did wonder.

Like sometimes I also wondered if the show was actually supporting Damon and sire bound to him Elena, because to be fair the show did seem to be pushing really hard the idea that the sire bond didn't create feelings (except it kinda does, because it made Tyler and the hybrids grateful to Klaus) just changed behavior, which did (I admit) make me wonder if the show honestly thought the way it was doing Damon and Elena this season was perfect. But now thanks to this episode I sorta suspect the show (or rather the people behind the show) do have at least a certain amount of self-awareness about how they're writing the story/characters.

And there's Tyler - I know I kinda got mad at him an episode or two ago (because mean to Caroline just ain't cool, bro!) but this episode made me like him again. He's trying to do the right thing by the people he assumed leadership over, but he didn't realize that one of the people he'd chosen to taken advice from was not exactly on his side and now all his people are dead. I am curious, though, why Professor Evil wanted (needed?) Klaus to kill his own unbound hybrids, because back in the day with that other witch she didn't need hybrids killed to unlock the magic just twelve people (and I assume humans) killed. Of course, I assume that maybe Klaus killing his own hybrids maybe adds "juice" to the magic or something. Not that I really care about the magic just about Tyler - when he was walking around that scene it was just very powerful even if I didn't really like any of the hybrids.

It was almost as powerful as the scene where Caroline and Stefan realize that Klaus isn't the only one in Mystic Falls who's done bad things. I admit, though that this scene spoke to me a little more simply because it's one of those scenes that I've been needing for a while just because I needed to know that the people behind the show realized that none of their characters have lily white hands. Then there's Jeremy and the need some characters have to make him love Elena again. I mean I get it being Slayer has made Jeremy as OOC (out of character) as being sire bound made Elena OOC, but do these guys really have a right to try and tinker with his mind to make him love/care about Elena again. On the other hand, I might just be leery of all this because it comes from Professor Evil and I'm not big with the trusting him even if he is saying all this does is give Jeremy a choice.

So really this was the perfect episode for the mid-season hiatus, because of the above, but also because it does make you (or at least me) wanna come back and see what happens now. But I'm still a bit gun shy, because there's been one or two other episodes this season that have made me think the show was ready to get back on track and then failed to do so. But for now I'm gonna remain hopeful and hope. *grin*