So I didn't hate this episode, though I don't think I loved it either. However, it was a solid episode, but I just apparently don't have that much to say about it.

The Vampire Diaries 4x08 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

So my thought right up until the end of the episode was that I'd felt I'd misjudged Damon, because he honestly didn't seem to even suspect that Elena was sire bound. So, yeah, right up to the end (and the promos for next week) I was certain that I'd misjudged him. Then at the end when he's all set to do the right thing he allows sire bound Elena to talk him out of it, and I'm sorry but that's just skeevy and if he doesn't actually do the right thing I may never like his character again. Basically all this just reminded me that he was very much of an ass to and with Caroline and makes me wonder how in the hell I managed to forget (overlook) all of that.

Mostly what I'm saying is that this may very well be the episode where when I look back years from now I'll realize this is the very episode where Damon lost me forever.

But that's not all that happened - there was some werewolf fighting. Someone (Kim, I think) tries to take control from Tyler, but Tyler at Wolf!Faye's urging (because she doesn't want Tyler to be one of Professor Evil's twelve sacrifices - oh, come on! This episode couldn't have made his plans more obvious even if they'd spelled it out with neon lights) Tyler with help from Caroline and Elena takes control back. And the witch that Damon and Stefan look up because Damon used said witch before to break the last sired vampire he made reveals there's no magical solution for a sire bound vampire, despite what an earlier witch had told him. Said witch was using Damon (and his actions) for her own ends, and by the end of the episode it's revealed (and this one was pretty much spelled out) that Professor Evil is drawing Bonnie down that path.

This basically just makes me want to scream “WHY WON’T YOU IDIOTS JUST LISTEN TO CAROLINE! TRUST THE CAROLINE!"

But Damon's past "victim" is the one reason I'm inclined to give him credit for not knowing Elena was sire bound, though I still maintain that he should've suspected, but I can write that off as Damon seeing what he wants to see rather than seeing what's actually there. But seriously his "first" sire bound vampire actually snapped some dudes neck just because said dude accidentally spilled Damon's drink, and to be fair Elena hasn't actually done anything that obvious. The question is (obviously) will Damon be able to keep the small amount of good will I'm willing to cut him for this or will he lose all his bonus points by abusing his power over Elena, because actual feelings on Elena's part or not it's still taking advantage because Elena literally cannot say no to Damon right now.