Just a note - once again (for the sake of my sanity) I skipped any and all Sam flashbacks, because while I also skipped them last week I read enough reviews and such to know what was revealed in them, and what was revealed in this was full on soap bullshit!

*sigh* Let's face it this show is now One Tree Hill with monsters, and not even badass ones anymore. *sigh* I had hopes for Benny at first. Now admittedly I didn't want him to be full on evil (then again way back in season three/four I didn't want Ruby full on evil either), but I didn't want him full on Edward Cullen either, but at this point the only thing that separates him from Edward is that as far as we know he doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. Perhaps that will be revealed after the mid-season break.

Mostly though all that proves is that Kripke no longer gives a fuck about the show, because, in my opinion, if Kripke still cared even a little bit I'd think at the very least after last week he'd have called Carver up and asked "WTF are you doing to my show?"

Anyway, believe it or not I was pretty okay with the first twenty minutes of this episode (and I checked the timer since I'd all ready skipped parts, so that's twenty minutes with ads and flashbacks included) things mostly made sense and didn't feel totally weird/out of character. Then I watched the last forty minutes...

At the very least it helped me decode last week's Carver speak, and as I suspected he wasn't saying "wait I have a plan and sense it will make soon," nope he was informing (warning) me that he was planning to double down on the bullshit.

I just can't even with this anymore.

Honestly, though I have to say this episode wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting, but...

Supernatural 8x09 Citizen Fang

BUT, as I said, believe it or not I was pretty okay with the first twenty minutes of this episode (and I checked the timer since I'd all ready skipped parts, so that's twenty minutes with ads and flashbacks included) things mostly made sense and didn't feel totally weird/out of character. Then I watched the last forty minutes...
(Obviously still skipping ads and flashbacks, of course.)

So I get why Martin hit Dean, I do, but that Sam clearly went along with it. SNORE! But again not entirely unexpected, because season eight is clearly the season where Benny is the awesome brother and Sam is the wicked bad evil one. Just... SNORE!

Oh, but wait, because now Dean is a big giant asshole too. So, Carver's double down is apparently that because we don't like his shitty Sam he's gonna make Dean just as shitty. Wonderful, because that's exactly what this damn show was lacking this season. Awesome. That last bit (from "Wonderful" on) was very deep sarcasm in case you missed that. I mean I can see why Dean wanted to get Sam out of the way - Sam may be a betraying Dean ass (from Dean and well Carver's point of view) but Dean clearly isn't ready to let Sam die just yet, but I think with Carver at the helm of this show it'll happen soon. Anyway, yes, I can understand Dean wanting Sam out of the way, but even if I don't give two shits about Amelia and/or Sam/Amelia that was still probably the worst possible thing for Dean to do.
(And that doesn't even count how long it took Sam to realize that, but then I don't really care anymore.)

But I guess this means that I'm supposed to accept that Amelia and her magical healing vagina are very much real. Nope sorry, Carver. You can (and clearly will) do whatever the fuck you want with this show even if it doesn't make a lick of sense for the characters, and so I've decided that I'm free to make my own canon. However, I'll go with Amelia being real - she's clearly the granddaughter (or great granddaughter) of Sister Jessica Lange from American Horror Story and has worked some wicked behavior modification on Sam (plus a lobotomy) and so now when Sam flashbacks I'll just flip over to American Horror Story and merge the two! Seriously, it'll no doubt be more interesting than whatever soapy BS you're trying to ram down the throat of this show.

The main thing that... Well, I was gonna say pisses me off here, but I just realized that it doesn't really piss me off, because right now I'm just kinda numb when it comes to this show, and not numb in a good way - I mean bored numb not emotionally moved numb, but I'm maybe annoyed that it would appear that avoiding the flashbacks will now not be enough to avoid shit that pisses me off anymore.

So, back to the episode - Sam left Martin on the hunt alone, which I guess Carver did that so we'd blame him when Martin went and got himself killed, but... Well, the hunt was over before Martin got killed, and if Martin had just left then he'd have been fine - Dean even warned him, but the dumbass decided the hunt was not over, and I suspect he'd have done that even if Sam hadn't left him alone, so really despite Carver's best effort here I'm having trouble blaming Sam for Martin's death, because really it played to me that Martin's death was Martin's fault. Hell in that situation I'd have killed him myself, so, no, I don't blame Dean for not being pissed that Benny killed a human in this situation, because clearly Martin was a bigger threat to a human than Benny here. No, seriously, Martin's little revenge quest he endangered a human life way more than the actual vampire did and I don't give a damn about how the human in question was related to the vampire. So when it comes to Martin good riddance to bad rubbish and all.

But, of course, I expect Sam to be pissed anyway, and hey look at that he is. Man, this is like that shocking The Vampire Diaries plot twist about Damon and Stefan totally not agreeing on something. Someone expected this to be shocking, and it just wasn't, and that's this episode in a nutshell - the only surprising thing was that Martin was out of the looney bin and that "so alone Sam" called him. No really I seem to recall some bullshit bit about once Dean and Cass was gone that Sam didn't have anyone, which I knew was bullshit, but I'm surprised the show had Sam contact Martin because that completely screws up "oh so alone Sam's oh so aloneness."

But you know - WHATEVER!

You know I think the reason I didn't find this episode as bad as I expected is just because I don't care anymore. I think for me Supernatural ended in the following way:

At the beginning of season seven when the leviathans rose Cass died for real (meaning he didn't come back later), which meant it was basically Dean and Sam alone at the end of season seven and so they both ended up in Purgatory together.

And for those who'd wonder about such things - Kevin did eventually escape Crowley, but then he finally broke down and went to check on his mother and now mommy's dead, perhaps Kevin, but possibly Kevin is doomed to forever being Crowley's little bitch - the end.

Honestly, right now I'm not sure I'll be returning after hiatus. Clearly Carver's Being Supernatural isn't doing anything for me, except for pissing me off and/or making me not care anymore, and frankly I'm old enough now I don't have time to waste on something I'm just not enjoying anymore. Yeah, I know based on the promo Dean and Sam are back together, but clearly it's not because they want to be it's because people more powerful are forcing it - is that really how Carver plans to keep Dean and Sam together for the next several years? *sigh* So really unless I encounter some SPOILERS that sound good to me (and there hasn't been any so far) I really do think I'll be remembering my made up ending above as the actual ending of Supernatural.