So, I'm either old, or was just more tired than I thought by the time I watched this episode, because honestly I spent most of the episode thinking that these characters are just making things more damn complicated than they should be or need to be. And I think maybe I was more tired (i.e. sleepy) than I thought, because I totally at the end of the episode made a weird assumption.

Mostly though I will admit that this episode was only really made enjoyable because of reveals at the end, because up to that point I was pretty bored with it, but that ending made the entire episode completely rewatchable.

The Vampire Diaries 4x07 My Brother's Keeper

But speaking of things (i.e. characters) making things more complicated than they need to be there's Stefan. Holy Crap - ease off the throttle emo boy. So Elena as a vampire isn't choosing you (or so we thought, apparently, more on that in a minute) there's no reason to go all wrist slasher (or I guess in Stefan's case - all ripper vamp). I mean, okay, I guess I can see why there's a bit of an over-reaction on his part - goodness knows Caroline kept hamming that nail all through the episode (Stefan and Elena = EPIC!), but at one point I wanted Damon (or really anyone) to at the very least mock him harshly for his over-reaction.

However, despite me mocking Caroline's pimping of the EPIC all episode long - I didn't think she was wrong, and I have to give the show props here, because they've brought things around to make it make sense that Elena is so damn different from every vampire ever up to and including Katherine. I mean, even I've thought (before this episode) that Elena as a vampire was a little more off than she should've been even if Elena is different from every other vampire ever she still shouldn't be all that different from Katherine and yet the show kept pimping that Elena was different from every vampire ever including Katherine. Well, at least this episode explained why, and it weirdly mirrors the books, so I suppose I should've seen it coming. In the books (at least the first four) Elena is deeply madly passionately in love with Stefan, but Damon is the one who's blood turns her, and she ends up sired to him, though in the books it wasn't called siring, and basically wore off after Elena transitioned, but still...

But that leads me to my weird assumption that I'm blaming the sleepy on making. When Caroline has her "oh wow" moment at the end of the episode I mistakenly thought (for some reason) that she was putting together the overall arc of the season not the "what's wrong with Elena" arc, because mostly I wasn't sure if the show was actually asking "what's wrong with Elena." Probably also though because of the scene where it's revealed that Wolf-Faye is in cahoots with Professor Evil where it's revealed that they are breaking the sire bond with Klaus and his bitches for their own nefarious reasons, and not just because they want all wolves (or at least all hybrids) to live free.

Sucker bet - but I'm willing to lay even odds that Damon knew Elena was sire bound to him and was taking full advantage. Okay, made he didn't know all along, but I'm betting he at least knew in the last couple episodes - he (for example) couldn't have known when he got Elena to drink from him, because if he had he would have told her that she could suck it down and enjoy just like fresh from the vein, but I'm still betting he knew before this episode.

Because while I haven't commented on it (at least I don't think I have) it is weird... Well, it's always been said that becoming a vampire makes feelings stronger, but what's weird is that happened with Elena to Damon and not with Elena to Stefan - now I was sorta fanwanking that in my own mind that maybe because Stefan and Elena's relationship had been "realized" before Elena became a vampire that perhaps had something to do with it, but it still seemed weird that Elena would suddenly have all these shiny new ~feels~ for Damon but not a thing when it came to Stefan.

Other stuff happened in this episode, of course, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the direction for Jeremy. Nor am I sure how I feel about the drama between Caroline, Tyler, and Klaus, except to say that apparently I was wrong about one thing. I thought that Caroline and Tyler broke up for reels in the previous episode, but apparently that was just a lovers tiff and they got over it.

Oh, and now that everyone in the "know" in Mystic Falls knows about the search for a cure why won't someone wake Becky up?! Oh, because the show is mean to me, because seriously even Professor Evil knows the race for cure is happening, so really there's no reason to leave poor Becks cold and daggered anymore, except for Klaus being an evil jackass, I guess.