To be perfectly honest this review is "late" because I can't figure out why I don't really seem to have anything to say about this episode. No, I didn't hate it, but as per usual this season I didn't love it either. Honestly the only thing keeping me from hating this episode (at least I think so) was the "cartoon" aspect, because at least some of those parts made me smile. "Dumbass" Now I know what my cat thinks. Well, not really my cat thinks "feed me" "play with me" "leave me alone, sleeping now."

Speaking of which, yesterday I had to take my babies (cat and dog) for their check-up - the cat, she's fine except for a return of flees, but that was easily handled. The dog on the other hand, has a heart mumer, which in dogs apparently means she has heart problems, which apparently explains the dry hacking cough she's picked up in the last couple months. Go figure. Anyway, she's not on heart meds yet, but my vet told me if she starts dry hacking coughing more then he probably will put her on heart meds. However, otherwise she's healthy, so yay!

Okay, I guess one thing I can say about this episode is Carver was clearly responding to the audience or rather to some (many) of the audience complaints. The problem is I can't really figure out what his response means - i.e. I can tell he's talking to the audience I just can't work out what he was trying to say. "You'll see, soon it'll all make sense" or "screw you guys, I'll do what I want."

Anyway, I have to work overnight tonight, so maybe after work I'll watch the episode again, and perhaps after that time I'll have something more like a review to post.