Okay, sorry this is a wee bit late, but I had to work Friday, and I decided not to rush this review Thursday night, because quite frankly I'm not sure how I feel about it. Even now after watching it again I'm still not sure, so waiting didn't really change anything, but I had thought I might feel differently after watching again.

The Vampire Diaries 4x06 We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
(Otherwise known as that break up episode)

First thing I have to say right after that teaser (otherwise I'm waiting until after the episode finishes before I type my review, because I'm tired of doing these things recap style and if I start before the episode finishes I always end up doing just that) is that once Elena called for Jeremy I totally saw the rest of that scene coming. Remember when this show used to have surprise twists that you didn't see coming but still somehow managed to make sense? Good times.

In addition to that I think Haley, Tyler, and Caroline may be over-playing their hand and they're going to give the game away. However, I did like the "mocking" Matt did about the next chosen one, and I did like that Klaus weirdly enough actually seemed helpful here. First by leaving to let Team Over-play Threesome work it out, and then by actually honestly trying to help Elena. I also, naturally, liked "Connor" forcing Elena to admit the truth, though then he got all mean and nasty, so I guess over-playing is the theme of the episode. But I did like Elena having to admit that killing Connor wasn't the worst thing ever that she liked it, but now she just feels bad because she liked it.

And damn it! I'm doing it again so moving away from the computer now - don't worry I will be back to finish this review, but I am NOT doing a recap style review - I'm just not.

Okay, so now I've finished, and I don't know how I feel.

Anyway, I know I made a little snide comment above about remember when characters on this show told the truth to each other - well, this episode makes it seem like the show will be getting back to that shortly. I also while forcing myself to sit on my couch and actually watch the episode remembered why I tend to get so compelled to write as I watch, because if I wait until later there are little comments I make here and there that get lost by the time I write/type the review.

I am a wee bit miffed about Stefan and Elena breaking up, but not for the reason you probably think. While Stefan admits that last season he practically pushed Elena into Damon's arms he then turns around and acts prissy about the fact that Damon and Elena are still close this season. Early on in this season Stefan encouraged Elena to lie to him because he wanted to further his own agenda which pretty much forces her to go to someone else. And if that was his only crime maybe I could over-look, but it wasn't. He's also been lying to her (supposedly for her own good, and, hey, check out how well that went), but he seems miffed that Elena didn't just trust that he was lying to her for her own good, except you know as mentioned his lying lead to Elena killing Connor that lead to Elena becoming kinda insane. But somehow Stefan almost acts like he's blaming this on Elena when it's really his own damn fault for not just talking to her.

Plus what exactly (other than writers' fiat) made Stefan think Damon could get through to Elena at the end of the episode? Remember early on in the kitchen Elena didn't see Damon she saw Connor, and then later when her delusions are heavier somehow Stefan just knows Damon is the one to get through to her. And, of course, because of writers fiat it works, but it was just a little weird that it did.

Then the other break-up, which I admittedly care much less about. But apparently the pretend break-up of Caroline and Tyler at the beginning of the episode becomes real by the end, because Tyler loves the Bitch Pack (I'm calling them Klaus's Bitches for the moment) then he does about Elena, or worse, Caroline. It's even worse (for me) in the context of this episode when Klaus manages to come across as more concerned about Caroline than the guy who supposedly loves her. UGH! Especially since Klaus has kinda proven again and again that he's pretty much incapable of loving anyone. The sad thing here is this episode almost absolves Klaus - I mean 52 years of torment would (I have to guess) truly fuck anyone up.

Anyway, this episode finally gives indication that the coming big bad is immortal but not a vampire, and that Perhaps Professor Evil isn't actually Professor Evil. However, I shall continue calling him that until I have empirical evidence on my screen that he's not.

Oh, and as I guessed, Katherine wasn't really here in this episode. But still I liked how this played, especially when Elena using Katherine was bringing out some things that Elena possibly already knew, or at least suspected. I know this wasn't all Elena's own mind speaking to her, but I have to believe some of it was, because I have to believe that Elena herself probably wonders if Stefan can love her as a vampire (whether he can or not isn't the point, the fact that Elena fears he couldn't is the point), and combine that with Elena practically admitting (in a previous episode) that she's afraid she's more like Damon (and Katherine) than Stefan or Caroline, and it just makes sense that Connor would use her own fears to take her down with him.

I don't know where all this is headed, AND I still have trouble believing there is a cure. No, I don't have trouble believing that at some point Elena will be cured I just have trouble believing that out there somewhere is an actual cure for all vampires. But I am interested in where it's heading and if this so-called new evil will have anything to do with it, because this episode did seem to be tying all the dangling and seemingly separate plot threads together. But again I'm just not sure I liked the episode itself, though I am certain I didn't hate it.

Oh, and I did like that Matt got the clues and put some shit together that may help Team Vampire Diaries get the answers before Team Klaus or even Professor Evil. But I'm honestly not sure how I feel about Matt becoming Damon's new Alaric - I'd think I'd rather Meredith become that, except (of course) she's already refused, but I think if Damon persisted she might crack.

Well now I'm off to bed, possibly to sleep until Thanksgiving. Yes, right now I feel that tired.