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*sigh* I said I was not going to do anymore fic rec lists, but I've been recently kidnapped back into Star Wars - watching the original (unaltered) trilogy will do that I suppose. No, I haven't made the list and I may not, though I am seriously considering it. There's some GREAT Star Wars fanfic out there.

One reason I haven't made this list is because I'm kinda afraid to do another, because I just realized that its around the time I annouce updates to the all ready posted fic rec lists and I don't actually have any stories to update them with. On the other hand, even if I stop updating them, it is still nice to have all my fav links at my fingertips. So, I'll probably do a Star Wars list one of these days.

*sigh* I'm beginning to think I'm just gonna have to call Unexpected American Vacation unfinished - I just can't seem to get back into this story. But for those few (one? two?) still reading and interested, I haven't given up on the story yet. And am extremely hopeful that since (unless something changes, which is always possible *crosses fingers*) I shouldn't have extra stuff to do this week and so I'm going to go back and read all I've got so far and maybe then I'll be able to sink back into the story and finish it! Yes, I'm aiming high - I want the story done so I can stop worrying about it!

I confess I'm a bit depressed and dissappointed. You see, I've asked for help on fic and people are always quick to offer their help, but once I send the fic I never hear from them again. I don't have an exact number, but this has happened twice in the past year, which is why I'm mentioning it. Look I can totally understand that you want to help, but if you don't have the time - I understand that too. I'd rather you just didn't offer if you don't have the time. Or if you thought you'd have the time and then realize you don't JUST FREAKIN' TELL ME! Seriously, that's all I ask, just let me know what the hell is going on instead of leaving me hanging - that's annoying. Or, finally, if you thought you were interested but the reading turned you off - well, I'd like to know that too, that's one of the reasons I asked your help in the first place!

*does happy dance* I believe he did get the hint. He came by again yesterday... The downside is the reason he came was just as annoying as trying to get in my pants. Apparently, if he can't be my boyfriend, he wants me to be his driver! GRR! Now granted under other circumstances this wouldn't have exactly bothered me. You see, his truck broke down, badly enough that he'll need a new car. So, I could understand needing a ride to make an appointment or something otherwise important. What he wanted was NOT important and annoyed me - he wanted me to take time out of my day so he could go a beer run. Now that's just rude! I know lots of people do the drinky, but a beer run is NOT a good reason to bother your friends, especially one you've all ready annoyed greatly.

Maybe I wouldn't be as annoyed if he didn't know I stopped drinking, but he knows I no longer drink, therefore he should realize a "beer run" is just not something I'm gonna consider important. Needless to say I did not take him on his "beer run." Thankfully, he mentioned that he would soon start working out of state, which hopefully means that even when he is home he just won't have time/energy to bug the shit out of me over everything.

PS - You remember the plan I had for my DVDs, at least the television series ones? Well, I watched the pilot episodes from X-Files, Forever Knight, La Femme Nikita, and Buffy over the aforementioned weekend. I also did get three/four X-Files watched in addition to that, along with one Forever Knight, but it has now been over two weeks since I've watched anything from my DVD collections. So much for that plan, although I'm not ready to completely give up, I am wondering if this might work better if I whipped up an actual schedule. One reason I didn't want to try and make a firm one is because there are just times that I wouldn't be able to keep one, but maybe a schedule would help me keep things a bit more on track.
Call me rude but I would file that guy under "Dickhead"....