There was only one thing about last night's episode that I did not like. *sigh* So if you come to read this expecting another review like last week I must disappoint you. Weird, because I expected this episode to suck hard, so much so that I had already started another of my "reviews" and then I actually watched the episode and I gotta admit this is the first one of the season that I honestly like, even if I did greatly dislike one aspect of it (and no I'm not talking about Cass, because him I liked). Though this episode does make me think that maybe Jeremy Carver's Sam is now bipolar (or something) Sam, because well this episode was the first time all season where Sam actually felt like Sam, and after six episodes of not-Sam actual Sam struck me as a bit odd.

I guess that's what I get for trying to plan ahead.

Supernatural 8x07 A Little Slice of Kevin

So, as I said I really expected this episode to suck and it didn't. This episode makes me believe I can fly. HeHe Or rather this episode was written by Singer's wife (and I told you I was reading too much from a gossip site, because that's the only reason I know this) and apparently she took it upon herself to steer this ship. Of course, in my twisted head this leads me to believe she knew her husband and his co-showrunner had to be "taken care of" so now I'm imagining that somehow she tricked both of them and now they are locked away (all bondaged-out, of course) while Eugenie Ross-Leming (and her writing partner) fixes everything.
(And, yes, it can be fun to think about how she managed to take down Carver along with her husband.)

Anyway, I guess I should cover the aspect of this episode I didn't like so we can get it out of the way and move on to the good stuff. So, I hate the Trans period now, last time Kevin was around they turned him into an idiot and this time around they turned his mother into an idiot. At least this episode somewhat tried to appease me by torturing Kevin. Alas, the dude playing Kevin just ain't as good at the selling of even that as the dude playing the Angel - he made me feel bad for him, and then later pissed off that piss-poor Kevin was rescued while nobody even cared about the Angel.

And there is one other little aspect that just rubbed me totally and completely the wrong way: when Dean decides that he and Cass need to talk they just leave Sam in the car like he's a useless little puppy or something (and, hey, I guess to the writers and showrunners he is - bastards!) - I mean I can understand Dean wanting to talk with Cass, but that whole thing just ended up coming across as such an obvious dig/diss by the writers to Sam that it almost completely tainted an otherwise great episode. Really, Carver if you hate Sam this much why not just write him the hell out so those of us who love Sam and keep hanging around because for some stupid dumbass reason we can't give up hope can finally give up hope and move on. We'd like that and the Dean/Cass fans you seem so intent on courting would probably be happier, as well, so do something with Sam or write him the hell out.

So the above should clue you in, but if not Crowley's back, and I gotta say better than ever. He's making Angel's scream, and idiot prophets lose parts. GO CROWLEY! (Expect as mentioned the Angel needs to be rescued NOW)

Really not just the fact that Crowley's back, but bloodier and more violent would've had me at least not hating everything about this episode, but then Sam never acting once like Dean left stinky yellow piss in his life cheerios (in fact he was being all kind and considerate) was a nice bonus. But then finally even Cass being back didn't feel shoe-horned in. Look I don't hate Cass (I just don't love him), but last season when he came back it just didn't really feel organic to the story - it felt like the writers slamming him back in because fans wanted it. This time around (at least so far) I have to say it doesn't feel that way.

Plus he comes back as almost creepy stalker Cass, and I kinda like that Cass. Actually that's one thing I really loved about last season - the confirmation in Slash Fiction that Cass has clearly been watching the Winchesters since they got back together after Sam's first (and clearly now forgotten) round of college. Not to mention he's a blend between wacky!Cass and normal!Cass, and I like that his entire history hasn't been forgotten.

Of course, not to mention that right now Cass is someone's bitch and doesn't even know it, and I admit I might've felt a tingle or two when Cass's new boss hinted that maybe once again the Winchesters might actually end up being important on their own show again. I mean, I'm not entirely fooled here, because I know at some point Carver and Singer are going to escape whatever secluded place Eugenie Ross-Leming (and perhaps her writing partner) has them stashed and will be back to ruin the day, because part of me suspects that to the new PTB Sam is merely glorified set-dressing. But this episode did make me feel something that felt remarkably like hope, because remember back when someone was watching Sam - I'm now suspecting that was Cass's new boss - and now I'm thinking that maybe there really is a reason coming that will explain Sam's truly weird behavior in the beginning of this season, AND be fair to Sam and his history in doing so.

So perhaps the parts of my Alta!Review already started will never need to see the light of day.

However, something else struck me while watching this episode (that I, of course, have already fanwanked) - there's a shot where Dean and Sam was walking along this somewhat open sunny hallway and they are just... They are (dare I say it?) too pretty to be hunters (seriously they really are gorgeous!). Come on, they might've started pretty, but they'd be all scarred and shit now, not to mention I suspect actual hunters faces would just look older - then BOOM that's when the whole thing came together for me. It's Cass (blame Cass) - remember he got all weird when he realized that he himself was still roughed up and had to immediately clean himself. Well, now I'm thinking that Cass is like me - he likes watching the pretty, and so as long as he's around he will keep "restoring" Dean and Sam, and perhaps Cass's new boss knows that and so that's why she went out of her way (or not, depending) to make sure Sam stayed away from the rough stuff, because she knew Cass would hate it when she brought him back and Sam ended up looking like an actual hunter, so she put him on ice, so to speak, so his pretty pretty looks wouldn't be adversely affected while Cass was away and therefore unable to keep hunting (as well as just plain ol' aging) show on him.

So all and all I liked this one, and I gotta admit that the promos for the next one look good too.