You know what's weird here is that I didn't hate this episode, in fact the last half of this episode was really pretty good, but the first half hour was a bit like Wednesday's episode of As the Supernatural Turns, because at twenty minutes in I found myself tempted to just start making up my own shit again. Though because I'm not (yet) having trouble connecting with the characters or liking the overall story, though I admit there are a few bumps/flaws with the overall story I still find with The Vampire Diaries that I'm not yet watching an atrocity playing out on my screen. Mostly for the first twenty minutes I was just tempted to start making my own fun because NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED AND IT WAS RATHER BORING! Everyone is talking about shit - and, yeah, okay... Ooops, SPOILERS for the episode coming now:

The Vampire Diaries 4x05 The Killer

...sure some idiots went and got themselves kidnapped. And there's this other idiot who's lying about playing on the side of the folks who want to stage a rescue. What's worse is that the people who want to rescue the others can't freakin' see this.

Although Damon (I think) is finally starting to suspect something, and really it should not have taken him that long because Stefan was just being so obviously lying that he might as well have worn a sign that said "I'm working on the sly with Klaus, ask me how."

I think, though I am having more problems with the show this season than I originally thought, because to be honest I wanted to like this season. I mean come on the show did something extreme and took a real chance in making Elena a vampire, and so I want to like it for that reason alone, but this episode is really showing me that I'm just not into this season no matter how much I might want to be. On the plus side this episode is somewhat showing/explaining why I'm just not that into this season. In the past one of the best things about this show was that it didn't have characters lying to each just to manufacture ~drama~ but this season is different.

Episode One - Elena lies to Stefan, turns to Damon, and then still has problems. Now to be fair I don't in fact blame Elena for this, because in that whole mess it was clear that Stefan wasn't interested in the truth because he was trying to use Elena as some kind of rat in a maze to justify his own life choices.

Episode Two - Everyone is again wound in their own issues, which could've been fine except this manifested by having the characters mourning people who was actively trying to kill them or their loved ones. So the whole thing feels like a big damn lie.

Episode Three - Okay, I admit I didn't have much of a problem with anything in this episode, or at least I did I'm not remembering any of it right now.

Episode Four - Damon finally takes over Elena's training when Stefan proves that he's just not up to handling this because he can't use Elena to justify his own life's choices. But now it's Damon who seems to be using Elena to affirm his choices. *sigh*

Now that's not to say there hasn't been good or cute moments over these past episodes, nor that I cannot see what they are trying to do (where as with Supernatural I literally cannot see what they are trying to do with Sam, unless they really are going for selfish jackass, but then why would they want their audience to hate him) here, it's just that it is not coming together in a very interesting/engaging way, because instead of doing things in the traditional The Vampire Diaries way they seem to be doing this is the way many many other shows have over the years.

Anyway, I thought about rewriting the rest, because the rest is done in almost recap style, except I didn't recap everything, but I thought about trying to smooth it over, and then decided that while this episode ended well enough to deserve that I put all these thoughts down and so I might as well leave them as is, so...

Anyway, yes, Damon does suspect something, which ends with Stefan stabbing Damon in the back instead of oh-I-don't-sitting down and actually talking about these things, which is what this show used to have characters do. And don't give me some tired bullcrap about the threat Klaus is hanging over Stefan, because we've also been there before and it hasn't stopped the characters from actually talking to each other and sometimes even going as far as to plot their moves together. But for some reason this season we can't have that, and in a way that's turning The Vampire Diaries into every other show that instead of letting the drama come from drama they are now making the characters liars, because apparently that's easier or something. I don't even know, not really, but since practically every damn show out there ever does this I have to assume it's easier.


Bigger question is why is Elena letting everyone stop her from going to save her brother, when earlier she suggested that he was the only reason she was even attempting to keep going. Wait, I think I might have that one - maybe Elena has turned into Sam and realized that she wouldn't have to keep going if that damn brother of her's/his would just die and stay that way all ready! No, please don't let that be it - I cannot take that crap from more than one show, not now.

But seriously first Elena let Damon talk her out of it and now she's letting a clearly up-to-something-Stefan talk her out of it. *sigh*

Why can't Damon suddenly get up and stake Stefan in the back. Fair's fair after all.

Oh well at least something good comes along, though I'm almost coma bored right now so I almost missed it, but Caroline finally meets the skanky chick that Tyler was doing while he was away. She doesn't know that part yet, but... Actually you know what for some reason I don't even care about that either. Possibly because that scene crapped out instantly and moved to Tyler trying to save some Oh-Who-Cares hybrid, and then having to whip out his fangs to prove he's not Klaus's bitch anymore, except for the fact that he totally is because Klaus knows the whole story about shank!wolf and can totes tell Caroline at any moment. And he just did because Caroline was totally standing in the room with her vampire hearing while Klaus was trying to blackmail Tyler.

So all in all at least that part was fairly interesting, but now we'll probably have to deal with fall-out feelings from that, and I don't care, but almost wish they'd just go ahead and get that boring done with in this overall boring episode.

Anyway, so we then move to... *snore*


Stefan tries to tempt Connor to come peacefully, because doesn't he wonder why Klaus wants him alive, but apparently not. Which makes sense because he's just a full blooded killer that's really no better than the vampires he's hunting, and that's probably the point, but again I don't care, except WHY THE HELL WON'T SOMEONE KILL HIM ALL READY!

Anyway, Stefan finally gets to Matt and April as Klaus's boy gets himself blowed up and staked. And for some reason even though things are happening now it's still just more than a little boring, but at least not as boring as the first half. Anyway, at some point in all this Connor reveals that he believes killing the vampires and filling in the tattoo will tell him all about himself, and Klaus and idiot company believe that it'll lead to the cure for vampires. Who's right? Who's wrong? Who cares?

Because honestly how old are some of these characters? What I mean is that most of them should be old enough to know better, but especially the originals who was there. Remember, Becky's boyfriend KNEW she was a vampire, so why would he tell her everything unless he was screwing with her. And don't give me some bullcrap about him loving her, because he still staked her, but for some reason even despite that no one can imagine that he might've also lied to her. Go figure.

Oh, and Damon finally slaps Elena with the clue by four and points out Stefan's either made a deal with Klaus (truth) or he's been compelled by Klaus (also possible) but that he's no longer on their side, and interestingly enough I paused the episode just to write that and it stopped on Elena's face - her expression is not confusion or pain it's more of an "how did I not realize this sooner" expression, so that's something. But now Elena is bound and determined to kill Conner, and Damon finally helps her, though not much since ShittyLyingStefan stole his daylight ring. Really I just hope Elena kills his ass (the hunter, not Stefan, though maybe Stefan if he doesn't stop being this stupid) and then maybe this show can move on to something more interesting, but for some weird reason the show seems bound and determined to continue on the path it's started.

What's so weird is now I'm rooting for Elena and Damon, because while Damon may still be trying to work out his own issues through Elena and was WAY over-protective before right now he seems like the better man for her. And believe me I never thought I'd say that - EVER! Damn you, Julie Plec, I do not want to be a Damon/Elena shipper. But I'm not kidding while Stefan seemed the better man for human Elena, I'm really starting to suspect Damon is the better man for vampire Elena. *sigh*

Also weird is that the most interesting parts of this episode for me is the above scene with Damon and Elena and then the scene where Elena begs for Jeremy's life while SadistSerialKillerConnor taunts Stefan.

Alas, while Elena comes really close to making my dreams of her killing Connor come true Stefan ends up making off with him. So I sense more boring coming next week, or maybe even more coming in this episode since there's still about fifteen minutes to go. No wait - Jeremy and Elena share a little truth - he tells her about the tattoo and his lack of memory, and now Elena seems to know for sure Stefan is a stinky stinky liar man. And finally Damon gets the truth outta Stefan - almost like pulling teeth, but apparently with vampires the phrase should be riping hearts outta chests. And then... And then Elena attacks Connor - I have it paused right now because I want to live in hope that she's gonna kill him.

*stares at scene*

This is a wee bit hotter then I was expecting.

*stares some more*

Kill him girlfriend - I mean if he hadn't all ready annoyed me so badly I might be rooting for you to let him go so we could explore this newfound hotness between you, but nope he needs to go, so...

*sigh* Fine then lets end this bitch.

YAY! YAY! Okay, Show, with that crack of the neck all is totally forgiven. That's why you bored me so, isn't it? You knew I'd love this moment even more if I had to wait for it.

So, anyway, Elena attacks Connor and feeds on him (that's where I was when I hit pause), but then stops making you think the dreaded C word is coming up again (reminds you of another dreaded C word that the Angel writers liked so damn much, or the annoying "he's got a soul now" crap the Buffy writers liked so damn much), and then naturally Connor stabs her (didn't see that coming) and then... You saw this right - you was totally watching right along with me, right? She says "missed" and then totally snaps his neck and he falls to the ground dead and is dead.

*does the happy dance*

For more than one reason, in addition to my above ranting about wanting a change in story this totally makes Elena a killer, which is something I also wanted, because I didn't just want St. Elena the vampire I wanted Elena the real vampire to do real vampire things. Though I really do want more of Elena losing control, because when (if) she becomes human again I want her to have had the full vampire experience before that happens, because otherwise what would be the point in her being a vampire in the first place.

Oh, and there's some stuff with Bonnie being distracted by the Professor who's trying to teach her magic while she resists, but it's pretty boring. Though I do momentarily wonder why he wants her doing magic again so badly. But mostly this just makes Bonnie stupid, because this guy is as obviously shady as Stefan was earlier. Mostly though I just once again fear all this will head down that stupid dumbass magic=drug addiction road, and I don't remotely want that at all. Anyway, he coaxes her and she does a bit of magic, and then we're off to Elena digging a grave and she's just a teeny bit upset. Her grave digging is intruded upon by Stefan and Damon, and Stefan tries to act like Elena still has faith in him, but Elena does not.

There's more talk here, but something dawned on my during all this emotional stuff - maybe it's killing and not because the show is trying to make Elena ever so super special. You see it was bugging me that every vampire ever could drink animal blood or feed from a blood bag but not special little St. Elena (Our Lady of Compassion), and now it dawns on me that maybe it's not because Elena is so very special, but maybe it's because Elena (or any vampire) has to kill first. Perhaps now that's she's killed she can explore other feeding methods now.

Oh and now back to Caroline and the drama, and yet somehow I find myself more invested now. Also, it turns out Klaus had it all wrong and Tyler was playing him (GO TYLER), so that could have something to do with the fact that I'm liking this more now. Though to be fair, I do feel Caroline should offer an "I'm sorry" to Faye the werewolf, though again surely even Faye can understand why Caroline may have not been the friendliest at first.

Then a scene between April, Matt, and Jeremy that's kinda boring, but I think is gonna lead somewhere, so I take an energy shot so I can focus. And sure enough Matt and Jeremy are in-the-know, and they are plotting to get April in-the-know, and as far as all the plots on this show this is one of the nicest things to be plotting "against" someone. Though I did briefly wonder why Caroline (of all vampires) was the one doing the mind-whammies here, but I guess it makes sense, but why wouldn't she at least put in that the gas leak lead to an explosion, because April seems stupidly shocked that the Grill is closed.

But the best part about this is after April walks away and Jeremy looks down and sees that the tattoo is on him now. And in hind-sight I really should have seen that coming, but in my defense this episode bored me so bad that I can forgive myself for not seeing it coming.

Anyway this episode ends with me agreeing with Damon yet again and thinking Stefan is being even more thick-headed than usual, but Damon tries to slap Stefan with a clue by four, but I'm not sure it actually takes, though Stefan does look mildly thoughtful, or it could be gas. Who knows. But Damon is right for two reasons here - a cure for vampirism seems dumb, and Stefan does kinda scream that he may have an issue or two when it comes to his "eternal" love for Elena. I mean no one could (or should) doubt that he loves Elena, but it does seem like he may have a bit of a Madonna/Whore complex - he loves human Elena (Madonna) but has maybe hinted that he has some issues with the vampire Elena (Whore). Now I'll admit usually guys (in real life and on TV) with Madonna/Whore complexes bore me (one reason I'm not completely enjoying American Horror Story this season), but maybe The Vampire Diaries can put a twist on it that will at least make it slightly less than the the full on cliche Madonna/Whore complex American Horror Story is throwing out there.

But at the end I find myself hopeful that the way this episode played out signals a chance in the water (i.e. overall storyline), and maybe some good times are ahead. Though based on that final bit with Elena whining in her diary we could be subjected to St. Elena Our Blessed Lady of Compassion whining like a eunuch in a whorehouse again some more.

My only real comfort here is that at least she can't act like hitting a dog (and then getting laid regularly) is totes the same as a visit to purgatory, and that she shouldn't have any guilt about not trying to save her brother, because not only did she try, but she killed the bastard that hurt him, so suck on those apples, Sam, SUCK ON THOSE APPLES! And I'm betting she wouldn't have shat a brick if someone else had saved him. *sigh* I kinda hate Jeremy Carver right now.

*coughs* Sorry about that, but apparently even writing my own fanfic yesterday instead of deeply paying attention to the episode was not enough to purge my ~feelings~

ANYWAY, then the promos aired and I got excited because baby the bitch is back. But then I thought about it, and I doubt she's back, but at least this does signal that the people behind the show haven't forgotten that you-know-who exists.