Okay, so I didn't post Supernaturals review Thursday - reason being my mouse crapped out, but not completely just to the point that I couldn't right click, which of course meant I couldn't copy/paste anything. Sucks. Anyway, I got a new mouse, but still felt like pure crap, and was hoping my opinion of the Supernatural episode would change (I found it horribly terribly boring, but at least nothing about it pissed me off) after a rewatch when I felt slightly better. So, I decided to just wait and then post the two reviews in one entry like I used to.

Word of warning for those used to my long-windedness - these reviews are short this time around, and I don't just mean short for me I mean actually short.

Supernatural 8x05 Blood Brothers

So, as I said at the top this episode kinda bored me. I mean it wasn't as horribly boring when I wasn't feeling like maybe heading for the hospital, but even after rewatching it - I can say I didn't find it as horribly boring the second time around, but it still wasn't a very interesting/engaging episode. On the other hand, it did what it needed to do re: Amelia and re: Benny - I guess. I'm never gonna love this Amelia stuff (unless she really does only exist in Sam's head, or really is a mad scientist who does lobotomy's and behavior modification), especially if all of it really is what you see is what you get, because it makes Sam a class A prick, though at least that has been softened over the past couple of episodes (or my expectations have lowered - either or), but show if what we see is what we get - you need to stop lighting Sam's flashbacks in such a way that comes across looking fake. I mean, the ones in this episode didn't look/feel as fake as in episode three, but still lighted in such a way that felt fake - not as screaming obviously fake as the stuff in episode three, but fake nonetheless.

What surprised me most, however, was the fact that I wasn't even really engaged in the Benny backstory - I kinda suspected I'd at least like that, but I just found/find myself not caring. Though I think I may have worked out why - until I get some answers Re: Sam I just can't bring myself to engage in the rest of the show. I can watch it and not always hate it, but I just can't get connected/engaged to it. It's either that or I was just bored with the whole clichéd vampire romance crap. And, yes, I realize there is a bit of an irony here, since I am pretty much deeply engaged in The Vampire Diaries, but there you go. Either or, though in this case I do suspect it has more to do with me not being able to really engage in/with my favorite character on the show.

Honestly, even after rewatching when I didn't feel totally like shit I honestly don't know how/what I feel about the episode itself, which means I didn't hate but I certainly didn't love it either. Perhaps later events in the show will make this episode look better in hind-sight, but at this point I'm kinda doubting that. Because at the moment Sam is really adding nothing to this show, and this episode made the whole Dean/Benny thing bland and almost as boring. The only time this episode had any real spark was the scenes in the Big P. Though I admit at one point I may have shouted (to Dean and Sam) "oh, just kiss and make up/out all ready!"

The Vampire Diaries 4x04 The Five

No, no, no - Show, I told you Damon and Klaus are the ones who should be working together. Sure, Stefan/Klaus working together last year looked fine, but after seeing Damon and Klaus working together Stefan and Klaus working together is just a pale shadow of that. And I say that not just because those two doodie-heads did bad things to Rebekah. UGH!

Honestly, though I don't know if it's because this episode sorta shat all over Rebekah or not, but I have to say that for me personally this episode was not as good as the previous two, though still better than the season premiere.

On the other hand (or in addition to me not liking what they did to Rebekah here), this episode has left me conflicted. You see, I hate the very idea of a cure, BUT this episode made me think I might not hate it if they end up making Elena human again, because at the very least it seems clear that Elena is going to end up going full-on vampire before that return to human happens. So it might be mildly interesting to see human Elena dealing with what she did/felt as vampire Elena. However, this episode was so heavy-handed with the cure anvils that I'm starting to think the whole thing is a red herring and that Elena will be a vampire for as long as the show continues. Of course, that could just be wishful thinking on my part, because I really loathe the idea of a cure so effin' much.

I also found myself hating that they are still trying to make Elena a different kind of vampire, and I'm not talking about Stefan and his desire for the bunny diet, I'm talking about the show trying to pull this thing where Elena HAS to drink human blood from the vein, because for ~reasons~ she's not like other vampires. I mean I tolerated when I thought it was just the fact that she had to have fresh blood from the vein for her first feed, but now the show is trying to sell that Elena can never (no never) fed in a different way. *sigh*

I guess this is a large part of my dissatisfaction with this episode, because aside from the frat party stuff (and Bekka back-story, though that was ruined by what those three assholes did to her) this episode didn't really have any story that engaged me.

There was some okay stuff with the hunter and the nutty professor, but I can't say I was especially engaged even here, because there's not enough here (yet) to really know where that's all going, and so I just can't get excited over it yet.