Not "officially" a review just some comments about Mockingbird Lane vs The Munsters.

Crap! Now I am a bit depressed... At first the more I heard about this "remake" the more I thought it shouldn't be done, so I was really really prepared to dislike this. But that's not what happened at all - I watched the special airing Friday night, and was totally prepared to dislike it, but then I actually ended up enjoying it quite alot, and so I'm now a bit sad that this will never become a series, because after seeing the pilot turned special I think this could've been a very interesting take on the classic tale.

Sure, it wasn't The Munsters, because for the most part The Munsters was just light silly fun, and because of that certain facts about some of them being actual monsters was mostly glossed over (which was okay, but I wouldn't mind having a reboot that didn't gloss over that), and I remember sometimes back in the day being a little annoyed that everyone tended to just not notice Hermon Munster was a big green guy. But Mockingbird Lane had a nice updated take that I admit I kinda found more enjoyable than the original Munsters. Sure it wasn't the original Munsters (which kinda explains why NBC panicked a little - I think they was wanting/hoping for an outright remake, but I'm not honestly sure an outright remake would actually appeal to todays audiences anyway), but it was a nice little updated take that could've been if not as funny at least a darker and maybe even fairly interesting take on the whole thing.