I was tempted to do with this episode like I did last week, but this time I didn't have to work today, so I decided to go back to my slightly slower pace. Mostly because I thought I'd have more to say about this episode, but I really don't - not because it was bad, it wasn't bad, it was great in fact -- Maybe too good which left me with nothing to rant about. I mean, I don't know, I wouldn't say it was as good as the season three finale, but for some reason this episode just made me want to type "SQUEE STEFAN* *SQUEE ELENA!* *SQUEE DAMON* *SQUEE KLAUS* *SQUEE BEKKA* *SQUEE CAROLINE* hell I may have even tossed out a *SQUEE MATT* And a few just plain ol' **SQUEE**s, as well as maybe a happy dolphin noise or two.

But despite that I did manage to come up with a few other things to say about this episode, and you'll find them behind the cut.

The Vampire Diaries 4x03 The Rager

Seriously, Damon not just being stubborn and proud, but also actually aware of it - I like. Elena raging hard, even if it's against Bekka (who I love) - I liked. I even liked Bekka trying to be friendly with Matt, but Matt not being willing; because she just literally does not understand the hell that whole thing put him through. Good stuff. Elena trying to hoodwink Damon -- good stuff. I guess I should pause here to admit that I don't have the outright loathing of Damon/Elena anymore that I had when she was human. I mean I just couldn't see human Elena going there, but I'm pretty sure at some point vampire Elena will go there, and really who could blame her. However, I think overall Stefan is still the better man/vampire for her, but I wouldn't bitch piss and moan if a little something happened between Damon and Elena anymore.

Anyway, I even like hunterman "poisoning" or trying to poison the vampires - I guess this means that werewolf venom has no effect on humans, which seems a little weird, but oh well. I also liked how Matt sold out Bekka (even again though I love her) to hunterman instead of Elena and that Jeremy sold out Meredith, and I like that the whole thing was all part of a bigger interconnected plot by the characters, which admittedly I wasn't totally expecting, at least not with Matt - I just figured because of his Elena related guilt (and maybe because he possibly knows that Bekka cannot be killed unless a certain stake is involved) he'd rather sell Bekka down the river than Elena. Which I'm sure is true, but I actually also love that it was part of a bigger overall plan and not just Matt being bitter.

Though, to be honest, I totally wasn't sure this was all interconnected until Damon mentioned the tats - total giveaway there, but until that point I admit I wasn't sure.

And did I mention how much I loved Damon and Klaus working together? Because I did and this should become a regular thing with them just cause of the potential awesome if nothing else, especially now that Klaus is back to being just one fun evil son of a bitch instead of some almost whiny emo son of a bitch.

I'll admit that I'm a little surprised how much I enjoyed this episode with everyone being so mean to Bekka, because usually that's a big turn-off to me, but I guess the ones that was mean to her here it made sense for them to be that way. Plus when it comes to Elena you have to admit Bekka held her own. On the other hand, this would be the second time (since trying to kill Elena) that Bekka has actually saved Elena's life. The first being helping Elena get her first drop of human blood to complete the human to vampire transition, and then in this episode stopping Elena from drinking the werewolf venom tainted booze, though in fairness neither of them knew that at the time. And, of course, then Elena drank before she left, which seems like karma in a weird way, since after Bekka saving her life Elena was actively trying to piss her off with that move. I love Elena, but I may have shouted "karma, bitch!" when she did her cute little upside down drinky thing.

Anyway, I really liked how Stefan managed to talk Elena down from staking Bekka - he didn't go into what usually boils down to a "you don't want to do it because you're a girl and ultimately you can't handle it" instead he went with a more realistic approach in telling the truth that for a moment it would make her feel better, and while she might never ultimately feel bad about killing Bekka for Bekka's sake she would end up feeling bad for all the "innocent" vampires who'd die as a result. Then they go off for some fun times that turn into fun sexy times, before (of course) the werewolf venom starts affecting Elena.

Did I mention that Bekka was also affected, though I am assuming it would not be fatal for her (and I was right) though it did give her something of a really bad trip, but also during her really bad trip she reveals that she actually understands herself and her flaws better than I thought. And then she seems to be on her way to making her first and honest to goodness friend (in newbie April) and I find myself hoping this works out, because right now they both seem like they could use a friend and seem like they might actually be good for each other.

So anyway while Bekka just needs a nap to recover Elena needs Klaus blood. Am I the only one amused that Elena is sucking from all manner of male vamps right and left but not Stefan, because I don't even know why that amuses me so much but it does. And color me surprised how easily Klaus actually helped her - I figured Stefan (and probably Damon) would have to come up with a plan to steal some of his blood to heal her, because I never doubted that she would be healed I just didn't expect Klaus to just do it. And I'm thinking that may be a hint that there's a way for Elena to become human again, because human Elena has use for Klaus, but as far as I know vampire Elena has nothing to offer Klaus, so...

Truth is I'm not sure how I feel about Elena eventually becoming human again, but I'm okay with show keeping that option open.

Then finally as expected Elena loses control and almost kills Matt, and so now Damon has decided Stefan has failed to teach Elena and so now it's his turn. This should be interesting and totally work out with no problems what so ever (in case you missed it that last bit was sarcasm).
(Also, there was an almost nice little scene where Damon almost appears to be trying to use Meredith to replace Alaric, but to my surprise Meredith was having none of it. So go to Klaus, my love, because you are perfect for each other, and such a joy to watch on screen together. Or you know follow Meredith's advice and make things right with Stefan and Elena, because that might lead to fun threesome sexy times, and I'd totally be okay with that too.)

Anyway, this episode was even better than last weeks, and this one started up what are no doubt the season plots. What/Who are the five? How many vampires will Connor kill? How is Elena important to Klaus again, since she can no longer be used to make his hybrids? When will Elena finally lose control completely and kill someone? Because seriously you know its coming it's just a matter of who? Oh, and is the warning of a new (bigger badder evil) really just a warning about Connor (and the five) or is there literally something else coming? You know - the usual.