So I thought I'd hate this episode, because I rather loath The Blair Witch Project filming format. For me that format kept me from being even remotely scared even once during The Blair Witch Project, because it's just such an annoying format. However, there was only a couple times this episode went full on with that format enough to really be annoying, and at those times I was pretty much laying on my couch with my eyes closed waiting to hear Dean or Sam speaking before I opened my eyes. That and from the way some SPOILERS made it seem I thought this would be the episode of Supernatural where Carver finally stopped pretending he was actually doing Supernatural, but aside from giving the over-acting guest stars too much and not giving Dean and Sam enough the episode wasn't all that terrible.

Mostly what I'm saying is that all things considered I was honestly expecting to outright hate this episode, and I didn't. Don't get me wrong I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. For me the biggest problem with Supernatural lately (and I'm not just talking about the Carver times) is that the show just isn't scary anymore. For example, this week I found Criminal Minds more scary than the episode of Supernatural (though, to be fair, Criminal Minds had the traditional villain that goes around experimenting medically on people and I will just never not find that creepy), and last week despite the fact that episode of American Horror Story wasn't scary it was still more scary then the episode of Supernatural.

Of course, honestly, at this point, Dean, Sam, Cass, Benny, and every other guest star ever is gonna have to develop an allergy to shirts to get me back into this thing. Maybe they could even pull a Caroline with Dean or Sam and have them almost totally allergic to clothing. *YUM!* Because seriously I'm pretty sure if they are running around naked or almost naked I'm not gonna get hung up over whatever plot-point Carver's crapping all over this week.

But honestly the overall episode didn't feel that bad to me, but when I looked at the notes I wrote while watching the episode... Well, I have typed them up just as I wrote them, so you can see I was a little more bored with it all then the above makes it seem.

Oops, if you read this right after I posted I kept saying The Real Ghostbusters when I actually meant Ghostfacers. My bad. I have changed it now.

Supernatural 8x03 Bitten
Anyway, this episode starts with a folded lap-top and the words "play me" or something like it. Such notes are generally found on cameras and tapes, so it's really just an updated version of that. After that we jump to a group of people who I'm sure are anvilly anvilish related to something Dean/Sam related, but I've never seen these people before and mostly they are just boring the crap out of me, and since this isn't a scary movie I doubt my wish for the supernatural serial killer to jump into the scene and start killing them bloody and violently will be happening anytime soon. It probably isn't helped by the fact that these brats are among some of the worst over-actors I've ever encountered. Maybe it was intentional, but it was just so over-the-top that it pretty much killed any enjoyment I might've otherwise gotten from these characters.

*snores* No, seriously, this shit is really boring - I don't know these people and honestly I don't really want to know them, because they seem like typical people who live in horror movies, except Supernatural is no longer a show in that vein either, so I HAVE NO HOPE!

Oh, and look a brief shot of Dean and Sam - too brief because now we're back to... Oh, who cares - KILL THEM! KILL THEM NOW! You are not cool - you are boring DUMBASSES! DIE NOW, please!


Oh, and here's another brief flash of Dean and Sam with added contention - just what this episode needed. *sigh*

On the other hand, I'd take the Dean and Sam in this episode a million times over the Sam in the first two episodes of this season.


I'm snoring, damn it! That means, Show, that you aren't doing your job of entertaining me.

*snores* Seriously, wake me again when Dean and Sam are onscreen for more than five seconds.

Anyway, as I suspected, at some point, instead of the annoying ones dying they get turned into werewolves. Wonderful. Just what this show needed these boring dumbasses living even longer. *sigh*


Some ret-conning of canon werewolves happened in this episode, as well. So, hey it isn't just Sam Carver apparently doesn't like - apparently he also didn't like the way Kripke set up his werewolf mythology and decided to change that as well. I only note that because it's almost comforting to know that Sam isn't apparently the only thing about Supernatural that Carver didn't like. Seriously, until this moment it was pretty much just Sam's story that Carver was crapping all over (and, yes, I'm still more upset than I expected to be over the forgotten Jess. I mean it's not that I even love Jess that much or think she was oh-so-perfect for Sam, but somehow her being totally forgotten by Sam just to prop up Sam's new bullshit with the mad scientist that is Amelia really truly does upset me, again - some more. You think I'm kidding but that actually bothers me more then Sam not bothering to look for Dean and NOT being able to figure out where Dean was, and those last two bother me alot.) but now he's decided to crap all over other mythology points, though in doing so it also touches a part of Sam's story. How?--You ask. Well, Madison is a part of Sam's story and she was a werewolf they had to kill because there was no way for her to control herself, except now apparently there was but Dean and Sam was just to lazy to look for it. *sigh*

UPDATE: No, I'm not talking about that stupid cake thing, because, yes, it's possible Jess never baked a cake for Sam, or more likely Sam was running on panic in that fake memory and so being presented with something totally normal was a shock and not at all implying that Sam had never ever before had a birthday cake! What I'm talking about is all the talk Sam is doing about never having had that (a normal life/relationship) before and the implication that college was something totally new that had never no never happened to Sam before (really they should've had Dean or Sam slip an "again" in that scene at some point) which is total bullshit.

When Sam was eighteen he skipped out on John and Dean to attend college - that's what he was doing in addition to living with his then girlfriend (JESSICA MOORE), who he was planning to marry - when Dean showed up to drag him back into hunting in the damn pilot for this series. That's what I'm meaning when I say all Sam's previous storyline is being crapped all over not some bullshit to do with some fake cake from a fake memory.

Son of a bitch! I just looked up, and this episode is only half-over. UGH!

*sleeping now* Because characters I don't know are wangsting and I just can't stay awake for that shit, because seriously it's bad enough coming from Sam and Dean, but I love them so I'll tolerate some wangst from them, but I am damn well not gonna tolerate it from boring ass newbies.

But you know what the last ten minutes or so of this episode aren't bad. This probably would have made a damn fine special half hour airing of Supernatural but as an hour long regular episode... Just no.

Well, remember when I said Sam not knowing where Dean was over the summer "I just can't even..." This episode almost brought me to that point with Dean - "I just can't even!" Except I can sorta even, because Dean has changed now and this is all just meant to be anvilly anvils about Dean/Benny anyway, and at least this episode did attempt to appease me here by having Sam do a double-take when Dean was willing to let the girl go. But it's just weird (for me) in light of last season when Dean could not back Sam in letting Amy go (and goodness knows the only reason I can't forget that crap is because the show insisted on dragging it out and out and out again some more). But worse then the fact that he couldn't just let her go was the fact that he killed her in front of her kid, but this new Dean just shrugged his shoulders and said "fuck it." Hey, maybe that's it - this girl didn't have a kid, and Dean just couldn't bear to kill a childless woman. Perhaps Dean is trying to create an army that will eventually rise against him, because he's as bored with this as I am, and a bunch of child monsters trying to kill Dean might be interesting. Though knowing this show those children would just wangst about the evil that is Dean Winchester instead of actually getting to the business of trying to kill him.

So in closing, mostly I came away from this episode thinking that I owe Ghostfacers and Kripke an apology, because up until season seven (time for a wedding) I firmly believed Ghostfacers was the worst ever episode of Supernatural (mostly because that season seven episode NEVER HAPPENED), and in light of Bitten it's just not. At least Ghostfacers offered us Dean and Sam as seen through different eyes, but this episode didn't even offer that, because while the kids did watch a little of Dean and Sam it was still mostly all about those boring ass kids. And that's the biggest flaw of this episode it needed more Dean and Sam and less of the annoying ones, because this might've been a good way for those annoying ones to observe and share something about Dean and Sam, but instead that's not what happened here.