So, I decided to watch, write, type, and post this review tonight, because I have to work tomorrow and so I knew that if I hadn't gotten this typed up and posted tonight then I would still have this hanging over my head next time I was off work, and based on last season I found that it was hard for me to get in to wanting to fool with it by then, so for this time I decided to just go ahead and do it on the night the episode aired rather than waiting and letting my thoughts have time to settle before posting. Meaning basically there might be an addendum to this review later, but right now I don't feel like there'll be one.

The Vampire Diaries 4x02 Memorial
Okay, so I really like the teaser/opening of this episode - mostly because I can see why Stefan is trying to get Elena going on animal blood, but I can also totally see where Damon is coming from, because I think he's right this time and this is gonna end badly for Elena. However, again I can totally understand why Stefan and Elena feel the need to try it this way first. And it would appear that Damon is correct it looks like Elena isn't having a good reaction to animal blood right off the bat, or deer as the case may be. But really later Stefan admits to having problems adjusting to animal blood himself so I like Damon kinda don't understand how/why Stefan thinks this is gonna end well.

Anyway, it's kinda cute that everyone keeps suspecting Damon of Preacherman and gang going BOOM at the end of the previous episode. But more importantly I think I kinda like that Damon is somewhat half-ass trying to respect Elena's choice to choose animal blood, though I somewhat suspect there might be a bit more behind his offer to feed Elena then pure acceptance of Elena's choice.

Then in an weird twist from last week - Tyler is the one wanting hot sex, but Caroline feels weird about it because people are dead, but darlin' these people that are dead was the people trying to kill you so I don't really understand why you feel bad enough about it to keep you from doing the naughty bed dance with Tyler, but oh well.

There's also a weird scene with a girl named April who is apparently crazy Preacherman's kid interacting with Jeremy. In relation there's also a new guy (who may or may not be to Preacherman and April, though, who's clearly a professional vampire hunter) who's arrived in town just to find a note in the oven over at BOOM BOOM Farms addressed to April - at least I'm sure the note read April and not Connor.

Anyway, he read it, but I don't know if he stole it or put it back, but he clearly reacted to something in that letter. Because he finds Caroline's mom, who seems to have her job back now that Boom Boom Farms is toast and she apparently blows him off, but we don't see that, he just explains that when he comes to the Mayor's house wondering why she, as a member of the council, wasn't over at Boom Boom Farms when it went BOOM BOOM. He figures it out pretty quick though when Tyler comes downstairs and reacts to whatever Hunterman has on his gloves. Tyler escapes, but with wounds that require more shirtlessness. *sigh* Sometimes I just love this show.

But basically it looks like I was kinda right - the folks from Boom Boom Farms was really there last week just to keep the "Elena's Choice" episode from being completely boring, and maybe possibly to set up something with the new guy Connor. And I gotta give 'em credit - Connor seems more effective in just twenty minutes then the "new" council was over the entire course of last weeks episode.

Anyway, basically what I'm saying is that having had so much happen in the first fifteen minutes of the episode I think it's safe to say that with this episode The Vampire Diaries has returned to form, which again as I said last week I didn't expect the opening episode to be made of win or anything, but it didn't exactly feel like a typical episode of The Vampire Diaries either, and so far this episode has a more The Vampire Diaries feel to it if you know what I mean. Lots of stuff happening - lots of guys with shirt allergies - again sometimes I just love this show for no other reason then all the naked man-flesh it parades before me.

Honestly though this week actually makes last weeks episode in some ways kinda worse, because this episode does more right with Elena's transition than the previous episode where Elena just behaved over-the-top and ~dramatic~ to show the messed up emotions when they'd have probably been a little bit better off just skipping from that to this, because at least this worked.

And now we cut to a big "what the ever loving hell?" moment - Connor, who found the note addressed to April has just come to the funeral home to stab April. WHAT THE HELL? Show, I know you like you're twists and all, but I'm a-gonna need more 'Splainy for this one.

But as per usual the show doesn't give me my 'Splainy instead it jumps to Elena who now in addition to not being able to keep animal blood down is having trouble keeping bagged human blood down, so we're basically repeating that Elena needs to drink from the vein of a live human. Possibly just once - after that maybe Elena could go with bagged blood or even animal blood, but Elena isn't having any of that, because apparently transitioning into a vampire has made her less intelligent. Oh, and then the reveal that she couldn't even keep Damon's blood down. Now you could suggest like Damon that maybe this has something to do with her being the (a) doppelganger, but I have to call bullshit, because so was Katherine and clearly Katherine transitioned into a vampire with no trouble at all, so...

On the other hand, this is leading to all kinds of yummy yum yum tension between Damon and Stefan, so the judges are allowing it. For now...

And now apparently I'm givin' the 'Splainy I demanded earlier in that Connor appears to be just as bugfuck as Preacherman in that he apparently stabbed April just to smoke out the vampires so he can pick them off with his wooden stake shooting sniper rifle.

Anyway, during all this Elena is near losing control and then Matt... Well, if I hadn't accepted with last episode that I liked Matt, which I've always suspected that if you take a character I don't like and have other characters being exceedingly mean to said character (such as last week when Damon was saying a lot of things to Matt that I've wanted to say to Matt over the course of the series) that would spin me into actually liking said character, and it's nice to see I was right in that. So, when Elena is about to lose control and out herself, or Damon is about to run off and kill the hunter exposing potentially all of them, Matt says that Elena can feed from him, because you see it'll just look like Elena is upset and hugging a friend tightly. I think maybe Matt even won over Damon here.

Then with that settled, Tyler decides to make himself a target for some unknown reason, but maybe it was to make the hunter shoot him and thereby clear the funeral out so they can find April who may or may not still be alive. But that was a bit of a weird transition. Anyway, during all this Damon goes to kill the hunter, while Tyler's mom has to call for help, because lots of people just watched her son get shot, so even though he's fine... Well, you get the idea.

Elena disappears to find April and then almost feeds on her, which leads to a moment I was honestly expecting, but a moment that I was honestly expecting to roll my eyes over, but instead Caroline helping/teaching Elena was more cute than eye roll worthy. Okay, it was still a little eye roll worthy, but cute too. Oh and Stefan goes to help Damon, who does get shot (but not killed) by hunterman, but because Stefan calling out Damon's name scared the hunter away instead of helping Damon Stefan punches him instead. HeHe

Oh and it seems Jeremy may be back as well - I mean back as in his character may be getting a purpose again instead of being a fandom mouth-piece against the evil that is the vampire Elena, because Jeremy sees a massive tattoo on huntermans arm that no one else can see. However, Jeremy usually sees ghosts, but he's missed a few recently, but now I'm wondering if the tattoo is a ghost tattoo.

Still this episode made me realize how far "off" last weeks was, because this (unlike last weeks) was a true episode of The Vampire Diaries while last weeks was a pretty good pretender but just wasn't quite.

Oh, and the hunterman clearly stole the letter, but apparently he didn't read it as I thought when he found it, because a scene near the end shows him opening and reading it. Anyway, this episode ends with mommy and daddy fighting (stop it! STOP IT!) mommy and daddy meaning Elena and Stefan, until Elena's hyped up emotions cut the fight off at its knees, because Elena starts crying and then gets really really pissed that she feels like she's been crying forever.

So, Stefan's bright idea is to finish the funeral for the people who was trying to kill them, but they are all still weirdly upset by these deaths, and yes this is the one thing about this episode that drives me nuts. Though at least the people they end up toasting at the end are people from the series and not the group that was trying to kill them. And I kinda forgive the episode for the over-the-top reactions of everyone to their wanna-be killers dying at the end because someone finally mentions Jenna and not just once, but twice! Thank you - I was honestly starting to get upset that no one was remembering Jenna.

And while Damon blows this whole thing off around the group he actually goes off afterward to have a nice moment with his dead boyfriend and former super-vampire hunter Alaric. Okay, so Damon doesn't actually know his dead boyfriend is there listening to Damon and totally missing him. So, yeah, I'm leaning toward forgiving this episode for having everyone in this episode basically mourning their would-be killers for pretty much the whole episode.

Oh, and for the record, Elena denying herself human blood in the first of this episode doesn't seem to have ended badly, so kudos show - I honestly thought this would end with Elena violently attacking someone before Caroline could stop her and help/teach Elena.