First, and possibly most important (to me) is that I almost missed the premiere of American Horror Story, because while last season I had set my DVR for "new episodes" the folks went and changed the title slightly for this season, and so the automatic record didn't register this as the same show. Thankfully, I caught that a half hour before the encore showing (thank goodness for cable and their encores!). So, I did manage to catch the premiere, and my DVR is now set for what it thinks is a brand new show.

On the other hand (important to me), I had this brilliant idea earlier in the day on Wednesday about changing my review style for this show, because honestly after the first two episodes of this season I thought I couldn't keep reviewing Supernatural season eight as though it is a logical extension of the previous seasons of the show, because at least for one character it's not (seriously some important Sam back-story has clearly been forgotten just so they can write this bullshit with him as though it's shinny and new - IT'S NOT NEW! Stop it, Carver. Just STOP IT NOW! - Seriously, I was all ready suspecting you hadn't watched any Supernatural since season two, and after this episode I'm doubting you've watched ANY Supernatural EVER!). However, in addition to not totally hating this episode or hating the Sam of this episode this episode weirdly enough gave me hope that in spite of the bullshit SPOILERS saying Sam should be taken at face value that there is seriously more going on here with Sam then meets the eye (but more about that under the cut) and I'm not just saying that because this version of Sam doesn't match to any other version of Sam except in a re-tread/re-make kind of way, and clearly Sam did NOT need to be re-treaded/re-made, but there do seem to be other hints cropping up that what is wrong/off may be not just intentional in a Carver finds Sam hard to write/understand kind of way.

Otherwise I'm at a loss to truly understand where Carver is coming from with his version of Sam (who seems like he had a complete lobotomy at some point before this season started)... Well, maybe not at a complete loss, because where Gamble tried to switch Dean and Sam, Carver seems to be doing the same thing, because right now this seems a lot like season four except (not as good) and in reverse. Worse because to me Carver is making Sam a bigger asshole then anything in season four did. *coughs* Anyway, in season four Sam was doing questionable things, but for the right reasons (mostly) - he wanted to save people and kill a big bad demon, and like Dean admitted at a later point who knew (expect the Angels) killing the big bad demon would actually be a bad thing. But because some of Sam's actions clearly wasn't on the up and up I think we (the audience) was always supposed to side with Dean, except Dean never struck me as giving a shit about the poor people who just had the rotten luck to end up with a demon inside. And he certainly never seemed to care that killing the demons with the knife also killed the (most times anyway) innocent human caught in the middle. Now it seems the positions are reversed because Dean is the one doing "questionable" things we are just expected to automatically side with Sam despite the fact that Sam is pretty much a giant self-absorbed asshole who doesn't even want to be there AND in the three episodes that have aired Dean has proven to be right more often then wrong just like all those years ago Sam was at least right in wanting to save people.

But anyway since this episode was actually better (in my opinion) then the first two of the season I've decided to put off changing my review style for the moment. But seriously if this season doesn't start speaking to me soon I'm gonna have to do it, because I'll need to start making my own fun with these things.

Supernatural 8x03 Heartache
My first thought was "holy over-reaction town cop guy." Dean's sarcastic "so the guy didn't fall to his knees and confess..." wasn't as though Dean had actually suggested taking the suspect out behind the barn and shooting him, but the town cop acts like that's exactly what Dean suggested. So, I suspect the town cop may be running out of drugs and worrying about his next fix, because otherwise his over-the-top reaction to Dean doesn't really make sense. Well, okay my first thought was that I liked the fact that the guy wearing the red shirt (in the teaser) was the killer and not the victim, but that more comes from something totally unrelated to this show.

Also, Sam's desire to get out of hunting... Well, it's always gonna make him look more then a little self-absorbed as pointed out in the scene where Sam says he's there for Kevin and no other reason, and Dean rightly points out that they've done two things at once before and just sitting on their asses while people die isn't an option. Though, to be fair, it is an option just not one that would make them look good. But where in the first two episodes of the season Sam's stated/expressed desire to leave was over-the-top enough to make him look like a giant self-absorbed asshole prick it wasn't that over the top in this episode. It was still a bit grating, but didn't actually make me want to punch Sam often and repeatedly. Again Sam wanting out is never gonna make Sam look good, and it's never gonna fit with what's come before, because he's all ready been there and done that, and has (or at least had) the scars from that, but at least here his wanting to leave didn't make him look like a giant flaming douche.

So (now for a thought I didn't finish outside the cut), in addition to not totally hating this episode or hating the Sam of this episode this episode weirdly enough gave me hope that in spite of the bullshit SPOILERS saying Sam should be taken at face value that there is seriously more going on here with Sam then meets the eye, because the one Sam flashback in this episode seemed overly idealized to the point of looking fake. So, while flashbacks actually seem overly idealized and because Sam seems to have literally forgotten everything that happened to him before this season... Well, at first I was really pulling for the theory that Amelia was basically a figment of his imagination - you know that the dog was real, and maybe there is even a vet out there named Amelia, but who doesn't actually know Sam from Adam, but for Sam's twisted and broken mind Sam turned that whole hitting the dog incident in his mind into an idealized relationship. Basically that was my theory, or the same thing but with added drugs, because I still believe that Sam was stoned out of his mind in the premiere episode. However, now, basically because Sam has now totally and completely forgot his first round of college and not to mention Jess - I'm seeing Amelia as not a vet, but some kind of mad scientist who maybe encountered Sam and thought maybe she could fix him. Fix here having the meaning of lobotomy followed up by some kind of behavior modification, because that's literally the only thing I can come up with to explain how Sam has managed to forget everything, or at least damn near everything.

Still while Sam didn't piss me off totally and completely here, I still find myself wishing Dean would drive him to a bus stop and say "see you later!" Of course, then the part of me that's still mad at Sam then hopes Sam gets his ass in trouble and needs Dean, but then can't get in touch with Dean because he burned that bridge and so has to pull his own head out of his ass. But I think this episode kinda made me understand why Dean won't do that, at least not yet *sigh*. I think Dean knows that he's a wee-bit more intense now, and so he believes he needs Sam to keep him from going over the top, which does explain why he doesn't exactly want to hang out with Benny, because he's afraid Benny wouldn't hold him back. Probably a somewhat valid fear, because even in the previous flashbacks when Benny (you could clearly see he) thought Dean was going overboard he didn't exactly step in and stop him. But Dean, darling, is clearly smart enough to know that when a vampire thinks you're going overboard you probably are. The trouble was the fact that in this episode Dean never actually went overboard, but still I kinda see why Dean is being played as a little more needy than I like my Dean here. Okay, I probably just don't like it because the more Dean needs Sam the more asshole Sam comes off by seeming to not even want Dean around.

Either way this episode sorta has me hoping that this will be something of the opposite of season seven - while the first two episodes of seven was awesome the rest of the season really failed to maintain that greatness. And this season the first two episodes were (as far as I'm concerned) shit, while the third episode here seems to be turning the tide, so now I find myself somewhat hopeful that this episode is a turning point and the rest of the season will if not be awesome at least not be as shitty as those first two episodes were.

Though aside from the complete and total erasing of Jess there was one other thing about this episode that bothered me a little. The bit towards the end where Dean and Sam charge in and then Sam vanishes from the whole scene long enough for the bad guy (or girl) to crawl all over Dean while expositioning... On the other hand, since I'd crawl all over Dean if given the chance I really can't fault the whole thing too much. Well that and the fact that next to Sam having forgot his whole damn history this is really a small thing.

So, if next weeks episode is at least up to this weeks level I'll probably forget my alta-style review plans. On the other hand, if the next episode goes back to the "quality" of the first two I'll probably pull that style out, because I'm not at the stage where I'm ready to give up on Supernatural but the truth is even I get tired of bitching about the same things over and over again, and at least making my own fun would give me different things to bitch about. *grin*