The Vampire Diaries 4x01 Growing Pains

*grumbles grumbly* Damn it all! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! I think I actually like Matt now. UGH! Seriously this episode made me feel so much sympathy for him that I was ready to just say I was feeling sorry for him, but then I found myself realizing that between this episode and his nice-ness to Rebekah last season... *sigh* So, yeah, I actually like Matt now.

Also, on a less irritating note for me, I actually loved the way this episode did the "previously on The Vampire Diaries" sequence. But with Matt I was completely happy rolling along in my dislike of him, but now looks like I can't even have that anymore. Just can't seem to stop people from pissing in my cheerios lately.

Anyway, I should admit (in case you forgot) that season three's season finale was one of the most awesome hours of television ever. And more amazingly (to me) is that it holds up. A couple weeks ago I pulled out my DVR list and decided to watch again, and it still hit me just like it did the first time around. Good stuff! Now don't get me wrong I was not expecting this season opener to be as amazing as that finale, because by its very nature it couldn't be. This episode had to deal with the fall-out from that, and rarely is dealing with the fall-out as good as dealing with the pre-fall-out.

Worse, though, for me was the fact that some of the promos for the season premiere made me think they was gonna end up finding a way to keep Elena from transitioning into a vampire, which granted all things considered Elena making the same choice Caroline's father did would not have been out of character, but Caroline's father died, and you have to know that The Vampire Diaries was not going to remove the Elena character from the show, which meant if they kept her from turning then they'd also have to find a way to keep her human and admittedly that would have annoyed me.

But that's not what happened. Obviously, Bonnie tried, but she failed and Elena ended up transitioning into a vampire so all is well in happyland. Oh, and Klaus is no longer riding Tyler around (NOT THAT WAY, get your minds out of the gutter) and is happily back in his own body, which surprisingly ended up not all that burnt. So YAY because I like the actor behind Klaus, and Caroline deserves to have her sweetie (in this case I mean Tyler) back, so right now it's all good.

But I said all that above to say that this was actually a better episode then I was expecting. Though I admit that I spent more than a little time annoyed about Preacherman and his merry little band of vampire hunters, but that was mostly because they kept getting in the way. However, the ending for the merry band was enough to make the whole thing less annoying for me, and also because I understand just watching an episode about Elena deciding whether or not she wanted to become a vampire would be pretty boring by itself, so they was there to stir the pot and keep things from being totally slow and completely boring.

Though I admit it seems weird to me that Preacherman would just give up, but also in his giving up actually take the "new" council down with him, because without them it seems to me that the town will basically go back to the way it was, which is good for the characters we know and love/loath, but not something I'd think a character like Preacherman would actually want. But still good for the show, especially now that Elena is a vampire, because I think having Elena (and all the vampires) having to avoid/evade the new council would get old very very quickly, and it does sorta work because Preacherman did seem more then a little bugfuck.

Anyway, in addition to liking Matt *sigh* in this episode I have to admit that Stefan, Rebekah, and Caroline were also pretty awesome, and I'll even give Damon a point or two, but he's just too mean to Rebekah, though in context it makes sense that they wouldn't exactly be buddy buddy. *coughs* And even Tyler!Klaus saving Caroline was just a little bit awesome, but then he went and lost every one of his bonus points when he was soooo mean to Rebekah, because she has a point - out of them all she's been the one by his side and supporting him, she deserves better. So much better. Okay, maybe Klaus didn't lose all his bonus points, because he actually didn't take advantage of Caroline not knowing who she was with when she was all about getting the "hot hybrid/vampire sex," and believe me that was harder then it would seem, since Caroline was doing her level best to keep him from even being able to speak, though granted Klaus mainly resisted (I think) because he wants the hot hybrid/vampire sex with Caroline, but he wants it with his own body not Tyler's. Still for whatever reason he did the right thing there, though he still needs to be spanked (hard) for being mean to Rebekah.