Supernatural 8x02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

GAH! I can't even anymore...


Well, once again this episode didn't entirely suck, though most of that is because Kevin was the dumbass idiot here instead of Sam. But he wasn't just an idiot here he was an annoying one. Seriously even his voice grated like nails on a chalk-board, so much so that one the rewatch (for this review) I had to mute several of the scene's with him. Anyway, yes, I can understand that he wants to make sure his mom is safe, but Dean has an entirely valid point here about how it's (at present) in Crowley's best interest to keep her safe, and therefore it is rather stupid of Dean, Sam, and Kevin to step into a great big trap. But what whinny little Kevin wants whinny little Kevin gets. And to be honest at least that wasn't all bad, because I found myself rather liking Kevin's mom - shame the show couldn't somehow figure out how to kill Kevin off but keep his mother around.

So, yeah, this episode moved me from being mostly "meh" on Kevin into actually hating him.

Another bit of good news (especially for me) is Sam's behavior didn't make me want to punch him in the face even once during this episode. And that would pretty much end this review if I hadn't watched the promos and found myself with a little bit more to say, because with Kevin unlike Sam I don't care enough about him to be annoyed with a full and total wrecking of his character. And, yeah, I'm aware there was a bunch of Dean stuff in this episode but I'm not a Dean/Cass shipper so I was neither delighted nor upset with that aspect of this episode. However, even the Dean/Benny stuff wasn't really as good during this episode as it was in the previous one. So while the episode didn't suck at least in regards to Dean and Sam I came away feeling very "meh" about it overall.

But where my GAH above comes from... Carver is really trying to sail the Sam is smart ship, but you can't have it both ways. Either Sam IS smart in which case it should've been child's play for him to figure out where Dean and Cass vanished to, or he's a rank idiot who apparently can no longer function without someone around to hold his hand. How can Jeremy Carver who also wrote Mystery Spot think this is a viable direction Sam's character is something I'll probably never understand.

However, this episode did leave me with some small sliver of hope for one thing at least. It seems that this season might finally force the characters to acknowledge that when you kill a demon with the knife you are also killing a human along with them. However, I've had this sliver of hope before and it goes nowhere, so it's unlikely this time will be any different.

But now the rant inspired by the promos for next week:

So, last week I said that something needed to happen to re-invest Sam in hunting STAT! And while that is kinda true at least in regards to Jared continuing to be on the show... On the other hand, Jared himself probably doesn't give a shit either way, because he can draw his big ass paycheck without doing lots of work, so again he probably doesn't care if Sam gets reinvested or not, and after the promos I no longer care myself. In fact I now find myself hoping Dean will sooner rather than later tell Sam to go back to where ever he was while Dean was "missing" because clearly his (Sam) heart isn't in it, and hopefully Dean is no more interested in watching a moopey ass Sam then I am. Besides Dean can probably find Kevin and get the job done without Sam, or at this point just let Crowley have Kevin too, because Kevin is clearly an idiot that desperately needs to be taught a life lesson.

And while I wouldn't mind Dean being an asshole with saying this to Sam (because at this point... Well, you remember that episode in season six where Dean just beat the ever-loving crap out of robo!Sam? Well, I want Dean to that again with this version of Sam, because this version of Sam is just really begging for it with his being all stupid and everything) I actually wouldn't mind if Dean somehow managed to get this point across without being an ass about it, but again I would cheer him on even if he's an ass about it.

Though the truth is since Jared (aka Sam) has signed on for two more seasons (if the CW renews it) then yes at some point this season something needs to happen to re-invest Sam in hunting, otherwise keeping Jared around is a great big waste, unless it ends up being as I saw someone speculating somewhere that somehow when Cass comes back he has to take Sam's body, because for "reasons" Jimmy says no more being an angel condom (maybe whatever it is Dean is being cagey about regarding Cass could have something to do with Jimmy no longer being suitable to be an angel vessel anymore). Then you'd have Jared playing Cass and Misha playing Jimmy with Sam just gone, which would be better then this asshole not-caring Sam. But somehow I doubt seriously that's the plan. I suspect the plan is to drag this asshole!Sam out forever, because yeah they (the idiot writers) could contrive reasons to keep Sam on the road with Dean while Sam keeps pining for his so-called-normal-life. Which would just be riveting TV right there I tell you what. In case you missed that the previous sentence was full out sarcasm, because while season one (and earlier) Sam pining for a normal life worked it only worked because he was young, but now based on everything we've seen him learn/experience (but apparently he's forgotten) by this point him pining for a normal life is just extremely out of character (and BORING) for him now.
(Because obviously I also sincerely doubt the writers are going anywhere with Carver's Sam that will be engaging/interesting or would do anything to redeem Sam's current behavior. So just write Sam out of the story and be done with it all ready!)

Mainly I realized while watching the promos that I might be better off to just ignore Sam for awhile until and unles ssomething happens later that would make Sam's behavior even make remote sense. After all, I usually keep Supernatural on my DVR so if something happened (such as Amelia or at least his relationship with her being a figment of his fractured/broken mind - I think if they went that way then I might actually have a bit of fun going back and watching in that case) I could always go back and watch those scene's later. On the other hand, I may have more than a little trouble ignoring this cowardly/hypocritical version of Sam, because I can ignore the Sam flashback stuff, but it would probably be hard to ignore the present Sam stuff, and still be able to keep up with the somewhat interesting Dean stuff, which means ignoring Sam entirely just might not be possible for me.

Anyway, YAY! The Vampire Diaries returns tonight! On the other hand, if something happens (say Bonnie comes up with a spell) that stops Elena from transitioning into a vampire without killing her I will not be anymore happy with The Vampire Diaries than I am Supernatural.