So, despite the fact that I didn't work today I've had something of a busy day. First, I had to go get my paycheck where I was given some potential good news. The back story here is that this is the job I got after being laid off from my previous long-term job, but the shifts was long and made my foot pain insane, so this summer I was offered another job with shorter shifts, so I left my current job and then worked one day at the new one and got screwed ("we're sorry, but we can't actually afford to hire someone new right now.")

Anyway, in one of my drunken posts awhile back (I haven't read those again, because honestly I'm scared too) I might've mentioned all this, but anyway I went back to the place I'd left and because of "reasons" they needed someone, so I offered to come back and shock of all shocks they took me back, but wasn't giving me the hours I needed to connect A to B, if you know what I mean, but still some is better then none.

Anyway, today I learned that the place where I'm working is considering going to 24/7 and if they do I've been offered a boat-load more hours - that is if my pain will allow me to pull it off, and I sincerely hope it will, because I could use those great big paychecks.

So, when I got back from all that I still had a job to do (and still have one tomorrow - washing clothes, oh joy in the morning!), and that was putting sensitive flowers either in the garage or on the front porch for the winter. You see those moved to the porch need to come in for the winter, but I need temps to dip cold enough so all the hidden (and not so hidden) spiders are gone before brining them in the house. Still in a few days it'll dip cold enough before I go to bed that I should be able to do this.

Anyway, it's while I was going all that it hit me why I'm hating Carver's version of Sam so much (or at least the version presented in the season premiere), and now I shall be cutting because there are some season premiere SPOILERS (the episode all ready aired) in my thoughts (obviously).

So far Carver's version of Sam instead of being a hero or something like it has now turned into that person who will watch muggers holding innocent people at gunpoint and just walk away because it's "not his problem," or worse the guy that sees a young girl being gang-raped and walks away because it's "not his problem." It's the same type of thing that ruined Buffy as a character for me (when she was willing to let the entire world become hell on earth to save just one person - one person who was mind-violated into her life in the first place) I said the same thing to her that I'm now saying to Sam - FUCK YOU! YOU SCUM-BAG PIECE OF TRASH!

I think that's why I'm hoping so much that Sam has either turned to drugs or created some bullshit reality that exists only in his mind, because otherwise I'll never be able to look at Sam Winchester the same way I did before, because Carver can make ANY damn claim he wants, but there ain't no magical healing vagina (fanfic trademark) powerful enough to make that shit right at least not for me.