So, I haven't been posting on LJ much lately where by this time last year I was getting in the new season speculation. However, last season I was mildly interested in more then a few new shows this season not so much. The only ones I was (and am) interested in is/was Revolution, The Neighbors, and 666 Park Avenue. On the latter I'm not even able to watch it because there's a viewing conflict in my household and the winner of that coin toss was The Mentalist (a show I pretty much hate with a fine burning hatred *sigh*). Still even though I was interested in those shows I didn't feel I was able to guess how they might do, and I was right to hold back on that, because I would've NEVER guess that Revolution would premiere to a 4.1 - out of the three I honestly expected The Neighbors to have the bigger premiere (and it didn't at a 3.2). The only one I would've been somewhat right about was 666 Park Avenue - you see I've worked with the public before, and they panic much more over the number 666 coming up then they do even the mention of hell or any other bad things. So needless to say I knew that title was somewhat counter-productive to the success of said show, still I admit that I thought it would do a little better then it did. Oh well.

Anyway, you're probably not here now to read my thoughts on other shows, BUT here it is (short and sweet): Yes, there are certain issues with Revolution, and I admit by the end of the first episode I pretty much loathed Charlie, but then by the end of the second episode I kinda liked her, so while she's still not my fav character with my opinion of her changing I no longer have a character I out-right hate on this show. And I know a lot of people out there are hating on The Neighbors but I've actually found the first two episodes if not out right funny at least cute, so I will be watching this one as long as ABC allows it to air.

But now moving to what you are actually here to read, and I'll give you a taste of my thoughts before putting the rest to cut: I didn't hate the episode, but I didn't love it either, and the second time I watched (for the purpose of writing this review) I actually skipped the Sam flashback stuff, because BORING! (I expect to find Sam/Amelia as boring as I found Dean/Lisa) I think this season Sam is going to be my least favorite flavor of Sam (on the plus side his hair is awesome!). And even Jared seems to be having some issues figuring out how to play him, because mostly Sam came across kinda stoned during this episode, and I only have a slim hope that was on purpose (orders from the show-runner) rather then it just being Jared having trouble figuring out how to play a zen!Sam, because honestly a zen!Sam just doesn't make any damn sense whatsoever. But now that my mind is turning ranty we shall be heading behind a cut.

Supernatural 8x01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

So, lets talk about Kevin, or rather mostly Sam's rank hypocriticy here. So, Sam gets snippy about Dean wanting to drag Kevin in, except at the moment Kevin isn't exactly out now is he? *sigh* Basically Sam has forgotten everything he knew before this season, because remember back in season five when Sam realized/accepted that he couldn't run away and have a normal life because forces outside of his control would just drag him back in (going as far as to kill those Sam cared about). Well, that's Kevin's position now. Kevin literally cannot run away and have a normal life while every demon ever is hunting him. So Dean is basically right, Kevin has to help them lock the demons away forever, because it's only then that Kevin would have any chance at a normal life.

Sadly if I liked Kevin more I might would care more, but at the moment I only care about Kevin at all because of how dumb the whole damn thing is making Sam. Seriously, Kevin is still almost as boring as Sam smelling the roses - ALMOST! However, as if Sam wasn't boring enough then at the end Sam had a perfect opportunity to explain all this to Kevin (preferably with one of his fruity little speeches) after Dean is all "you're in it whether you like it or not" to Kevin, but Sam just sets there looking as though he really really needs to take a dump, because apparently his new girlfriend (or maybe a demon) gave him a lobotomy at some point after the credits rolled last season.

I guess before I get to awful ranty I oughta give Sam credit for one thing - he ordered Dean a cheeseburger, so he clearly hasn't forgotten everything, though this mighta been better if Sam had just let Dean enjoy his first cheeseburger in over a year.

Now for another moment of lightness - DAMN YOU, JEREMY CARVER! You give me almost feral!Dean, but where is the naked man-flesh I ask you. WHERE?!

I guess I should back up a moment and explain something, before the season started I had checked on SPOILERS and so I was honestly expecting to loath this episode and almost figured my first episode review would contain the words "what the fuck is this shit!" In fact depending on my mood I something expected that would be the only thing I'd have to say about it. But since I didn't hate it one might be expecting me to eat a little crow, and I'd be willing to do that, except I pretty much found the Sam stuff as bad as expected, so until something changes with this bullshit Sam I won't be eating any crow. Now if Amelia turns out to be something Sam's broken mind created because he could no longer deal with reality, then I'd eat a little crow. Also if Sam turns out to be drugged out of his mind, because he turned to drugs because his broken mind couldn't deal with reality, then yeah I'll eat a little crow. If Sam became the victim of a mind-whammy shortly after the credits rolled last season then I'd be inclined to eat a little crow. But those are the only things I can think of that would make Sam's behavior make even remote sense. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ever get annoyed with Dean's snippy little anti-Sam remarks, because to be honest Sam deserves them, and don't even get me started on the fact that Sam apparently couldn't deduce where Dean was, because that's just... I can't even! Seriously, the rest I can/could somewhat deal with if there's a good explanation for it, but I'm pretty sure only full frontal lobotomy can explain why Sam couldn't figure out where Dean was.

Also, where are all the damn remarks about Sam being out of practice after his year off, because I seem to remember Dean getting a whole lotta shit over that. Based on this episode alone I fully expect to be a Dean!girl instead of a Sam!girl in just a few more episodes.

Anyway, I don't know why, and I could be wrong, but this episode made me suspect that Dean killed Cass. Don't know why, and maybe it had something to do with escaping, but I kinda doubt it. And possibly this is just one of those things that won't pan out, but there's something about Cass that has left a mark on Dean.

So, thoughts summed up - while I expect I'll be skipping all Sam flashbacks, I am almost somewhat interested in Dean's, so I'll be hanging around for a little while at least.

But seriously there is one thing about recent season Dean that I hated and that was his depression/boredom with hunting. So, I'm glad Dean is over that, but now they've put Sam there. Look if you expect the show to actually go on for three more years (and there's some talk about going at least ten seasons) then you've got to have something happen to Sam (or someone Sam cares about) that will reinvest him in the hunting, because I sure as hell don't want to watch more of emo!Anti-hunting!Sam (or Dean), and clearly where things stand now Sam is on-board to close hell, but it seems at this point after that Sam is ready and willing to walk away. Ergo something needs to happen to reinvest him STAT! And since I suspect the arc this season will end with the demons being locked away, lets make it a monster that somehow reinvests Sam.

And look promos for next week. Oh, yay! Even more Kevin!

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