...And find it oddly fitting somehow that while I'm not currently as wasted as I was the last time I posted here I am currently in a nice buzzy state.

Anyway, first I'd like to offer an I'm sorry to anyone that was worried about me, if indeed anyone was. I'm fine, though my position is still shitty I did manage to return to work - weirdly enough to the job I'd spent a wee-bit of time complaining about on here (And in another fine twist would not have even remotely had balls enough to ask for said job back if I hadn't been in a bit of a beer-haze, because I'd have (apparently wrongly) thought there was no way in hell they'd take me back). So while I'm not completely unemployed anymore (and have come to realize that people at my job liked and respected me more then I originally thought - YAY! No, seriously, I thought they barely tolerated me, but apparently not since they, you know, hired me back) my feet still don't like said job, and worse I am currently not getting enough hours to fully support myself.

However, one day I was feeling lucky (and, no, beer was not involved) and so I purchased a lottery ticket. NO, it was not one of the big winners (DAMN IT!) but it was enough to help keep me a-float for a moment, though I could use another one of those now...


Anyway, sorry about the extended absence, especially in light of the fact that I was really wasted the last time around and I'll try not to let that happen again, but you know me and beer have a special relationship... Okay, not really but I have around eighteen beers left and just over a month to drink them before they go out of date.

*sigh* It would seem I'm feeling playful and fun tonight. And now if you will excuse me I must go tinkle.