Okay, so I said in my first Supernatural post (or at least I meant to, but who can honestly remember at this point? Someone sober perhaps) that I didn't understand why certain sections in fandom could still remotely support Jensen and Jared even if they really was/are gay together. Point of confession at this point - I again don't give a shit if they are gay, except all things considered I still want them both the fuck off my side NOW! Well, that and honestly I'd like to hope if they are gay they ain't gay aand poking each other - but that might possibly be because I'm still doing my best to give poor Jim Beaver (who's poor last name is what apparently really fucks him over) some play, but I honestly can't decide which one really should be with Beaver. Because beavers are in fact awesome and at some point everyone should try sticking their tongue in one. GO BEAVERS!

Okay, give me a moment and I'll remember the point any moment now. Maybe possibly... Yes any moment now, but first let me find a beer bottle that is not empty.

Oh, yeah, I think I can get why people still really (especially) hope that Jensen and Jared are gay NOW - It's because if they ain't gay then they are sadly just homophobic sexist assholes (who really need someone (anyone) to kick the shit out of them), but if they are gay at the very least they are self-hating, which doesn't exactly make it okay, but I can see how they'd be more sympathic that way. So, yeah, I kinda get why some people would rather go on believing they are gay instead of just accepting they are pretty much assholes who need the shit kicked out of them.