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Okay, since it's lasted a bit longer then three days I don't know why I'm calling it a three day bender, but three day bender sounds better then a four day bender for some reason, and honestly I doubt I'll be stopping at four - I'm thinking six, but maybe longer, cause right now I'm kinda wanting to know how long I can stretch this puppy out.

Why this is depressing/upsetting for you guys is because lately I'm having more of my inspired throughts while I'm away from the internet and then can't remember them by the time I come online. Alas one of my "friends" suggested that perhaps I should not be allowed on the internet while inebriated (Did I spell that right? I can't tell.) But we can ignore that because he's a big chicken. Yeah, that's right, I said it! EAT ME ITCHES BAY!

Anyway, take tonight for example, or rather today, I guess - I've had many many inspired thoughts, especially after convincing someone close to me to buy me lots (and lots) of beer today - I love my family sometimes... Oh, okay, I love them all the time, but I really love them at times like this. Because seriously these days I like me on beer better then me not on beer, because honestly the me not on beer (or the me coming down from beer) is depressing (or depressed) as hell, but me on beer is fun and not at all depressed, because the me on beer feels better and KNOWS everything is gonna work out fine. Now if we could just get non-beer me to have as much faith...

Okay, maybe said "friend" should be spelled just friend, because I can't even remember what the hell ever it was I decided to come on and share tonight.

So I guess I'll go with this - my feet are finally and for once (or a day or two) pain free, though sometimes I'm prone to waking up in the mornings with a killer headache, but I have medicine for that. YAY!

I guess I'll leave you with these thoughts - BUD LIGHT PLANTIUM RULES (today is, in fairness, the first time I've had that, though I've wanted to give it a try for awhile now), though my drink of choice is (and probably always shall be) Miller Genunine Draft. Or not always, I guess, because a few years ago it was Miller High Life then it became Budwiser (and for the record I misspelled that one on purpose), and I still drink the Bud, but between you and me I actually like MGD better. But I should stop there, because Miller is not sponsering me, and if I'm going to be a whore I am damn well gonna be a well paid one.

Good night and good luck!
(Oh and the gay cookie is awesome and I want one!)

(Oh, now I remember - someone asked me about my little sexual triangle mentioned in the previous post. Yes, one of the dudes in question was lily and white, but not the other - think more along the lines of Anderson Cooper, though obviously not Anderson Cooper - Anderson is tall, my EX was not (little fucker was/is shorter then me), though I like to think my EX is cuter, cause not for nothing but I don't do ugly. Honestly, though I should have been dating the boyfriend who apparently wasn't actually a boyfriend because a certain someone was NOT GAY! Apparently boys and girls accidental sex really does happen (not! It's all damn lies, but...), but anyway the boyfriend who was not mine was actually bi and I think all things considered it woulda worked better if we'd both been dating him, cause he at least did eventually have the balls to apologize to me (there was things I didn't know and things he didn't know, and he's not a big poohead - but all this really was years ago, so...).

And for the record, no, I don't mean my EX is famous - he's sooo not, I just mean his taste in men is along the lines of Anderson Coopers. That is all.

Actually, now that I think about it I don't think that was the only reason I came on tonight, but whatever!

And now I need to pee and my beer is empty and we cannot have that!