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...Or with a new Mulder & Scully!

*sigh* With my recent(ish) purchase of the DVDs after watching the TNT reruns, I've found myself with a bad case of X-Files nostalgia, which at the moment doesn't seem to have a cure.

I know there is a slim (very slim) chance of another X-Files movie, but to be honest I'm beginning to think it is never going to happen. I think if it were it would already (at the very least) be in production by now.

Plus you know the movie would either be convuloted beyond belief (trying to tie up all the crap from The Truth), or they would bypass that and make a lame "monster of the weak" movie. Now granted I would watch either of those, but find I'd rather have a movie that dealt with the plot. However, that type of movie is actually the least likely to get off the ground because it wouldn't be all that great for bringing in the casual viewers or complete newbies. So, if there does come a movie, I'm afraid it would be a MotW(eak), and lets face it even the series itself was very much hit or miss when it come to those.

The easy answer is, of course, to bypass all of that and bring back X-Files as a television series. Now since I'm reasonably certain that neither Duchovny nor Anderson would sign on to play the title characters again that means there would have to be two new characters. Would that really be so bad?

Please note that I understand the knee-jerk answer to that question having had it myself. But once I stop and think about it, the idea of a new X-Files doesn't seem so bad. So, please don't redux to Doggett and Reyes (I know they were bad replacements) and completely dismiss out of hand the idea.
PS - I want to point out that I don't blame Patrick and Gish, nor do I think it was their talent or lack there of that kept Doggett and Reyes from working out. I think it had more to do with the writing and directing - lets face it very few actors can spin shit writing into gold.

So, if you think another X-Files series could work, then you have to ask some questions:

1. Do we (they) remake the original X-Files and keep the main characters named Mulder and Scully?

2. Do we (they) make a totally new X-Files?

If the second seems the better answer (and for me I think it is) then you have to ask even more questions.

For example, one of my biggest problems with seasons eight and nine of the X-Files isn't with the Doggett and/or Reyes character(s), but it was the cutting of all the X-Files threads in passing on the reigns - threads that would have nicely linked the new with the old. Like the rumors (which made me really happy at the time) that Marita and Alex (Krycek) were going to form the "new" consortium. How awesome would that have been? Seriously! And that would have had the added bonus of keeping the old-timers watching. Connections, people! They hold things together and keep interest up. But in the end that didn't happen and we (the audience) ended up not caring from Adam.

But it wasn't just the characters - NO! CC and company changed the whole damn overall story-arc! Which meant that what we were left with was a completely different series to the one we'd previously been watching. They should have switched the two leads (which obviously they had to do) and left everything else as it was. Then at least it would still have felt like the same show. But in the end that isn't what they chose to do, and I feel that is what ultimately killed the X-Files.

Seriously, even I could have continued watching without Duchovny. Would I have missed him? Sure, Mulder was (after all) my favorite character, but I think had CC done things right the X-Files indeed could have survived without Mulder and Scully.

Trouble was the thing just wasn't done properly. CC seemed to think that no matter what he wrote, or how badly he screwed with continuity people would still watch and love. Well, we (they) didn't. And that is why while I did watch season eight, I just watched bits and pieces from season nine - mostly those things involving Scully and the mytharc - such as it ended up. I just didn't care about anything else, plus I hated what they did to Scully's character! That was truly painful, and I never was the Scully fan that a lot of folks were.

Season eight was that pivotal season where CC and company had the chance to give us a taste of what we could expect from this show post-Mulder and then later Post-Scully. What he showed us just wasn't something we cared about. I could (obviously) go on and on about how many times they screwed up with the Doggett character - either make him a believer, or stop putting the paranormal right in front of him! But I won't, because that really isn't my point here.

My point is that if they want to make X-Files - Part DUH!, then they need to have a firm grasp on what they are going to do before they begin. Obviously remaking the old X-Files would be the easiest option, but it also might be a fatal mistake. They scored big-time with Duchovny and Anderson, the odds are against them striking such gold the second time. And people would be watching ready to pounce on anything the new Mulder and Scully did wrong/different. So, option two might be a bit less likely to back-fire from the get-go.

However, if they are going to make a show and call it X-Files, then damn it I want some freakin' connections to the past X-Files - it doesn't have to be all anvilisous either, I'd settle for just some subtle things. But I am afraid if they chose opition two I wouldn't get those simply based on what we saw from seasons eight and nine of the X-Files.

Still I do (in theory) like the idea of option two. I bet they could even get Duchovny and Anderson back to guest star in the series every once in awhile, though as I said, I doubt either would come back full-time. Of course, I'm not sure how all this would work, mind you, and even option two isn't mistake-proof.

Besides, knowing CC and company they'd want us to be saying "Mulder and Scully, Who?" But I would love to finally get some freakin' closure to that part of the X-Files story-arc. Are they still on the run? Are they still trying to stop the invasion? Are they just setting on their asses waiting for the big day? *hears some grumbling* What?

Ah, I didn't mention AlienNOTmiracleBaby (William) - I still say he isn't Mulder's son, but CSM's. On come on! The gestation period went on for years anyway, so disbelief is all ready suspended - why not just suspend it a little bit futher? Honestly, it isn't that hard. Seriously, Scully was pregnant for at least twelve months - probably longer. I remember having figured up the total back in the day, and I believe it was over or about seventeen months, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Suffice to say, she was pregnant for more than any nine months! So, just add a couple more months and make the ANmB Spenders - that has many bonuses. First, and maybe most important, it would explain why Scully (the Doctor) didn't do any medical testing at all concerning William. Disbelief failed to suspend there. Also, it would explain why, in the end, it seemed so very easy for her to give him up. And, finally, why Mulder didn't seem to care one way or another about AlienNOTmiracleBaby in The Truth.

Basically, I'm a hypocrite! While I'm saying we cannot forget about Mulder and Scully, I'm saying it is perfectly acceptable to forget about the baby that never should have been. William, who? Oh! Wait, you mean Spenders third son... Okay, if they did make him CSMs son, then I would be perfectly okay with not forgetting William. However, even though they never came right out and said William was Mulder's son, I'm just not sure they'd make the boy CSMs. But again the boy being Spenders would explain yet another thing better than that whole "look at me and my bright shinny new heart" crap. I.E. The episode where CSM spent a LONG time alone with Scully, even drugged her at one point.

Anybody know a good X-Files com where I might post this to generate some discussion?

*crickets chirp - dust ball rolls by*

Anybody here?!
Yeah I'm here ;)

Uh lets see.. TerranBBS? ;)

No need to run - I'd all ready thought about posting on TrekBBS. Reason I hadn't gone and done it though is because I think there's only two or three X-Files fans over there, so I don't know if posting it there would generate much more discussion than posting it in my LJ has.

However, I probably will post it over there later today and see. Because I really would like to get a general idea how people feel about this.