Soooooooo, I've pretty much been F-ed in the A here without lube. You remember I started a new job Monday - I was happy. Shorter hours and more understanding employers seemed like a big win to/for me.

Shit! It seems here lately I just cannot win.


Anyway, so I'd given notice and left the job that was slowly killing me, or at very least very seriously making my pain worse. You can't promote me to full time at what's pretty much hard labor I just cannot do it anymore, so I had to start looking for another job (hadn't really done much looking though) and so it seemed perfect when I got a call for another job that promised shorter hours and was certain to be part time.

Then on Wednesday before I even woke up (and hours upon hours before I was scheduled to go to work) I got a call, but because I was sleeping it went to voice mail. So, I woke up to a nice little "we're sorry, but we can't afford to hire you" voicemail. That's the official reason, and hell it might actually be the reason, but if so I wish they could've figured that out before I gave notice and left the job from hell, because I can't really afford to spend time unemployed this time - I used up my cushion when I spent about five months unemployed after being laid-off from my over ten year job.


Oh well, at least I'm a bit more on the ball this time around - when I got laid off of my long term job I admit there was some stunned shock and a whole bunch of "WTF am I gonna do" - this time not so much, because I've been there and done that and I know what I gotta do. So in just a few hours of being unemployed again I had all ready applied for two jobs - one I applied to the first time I was umemployed but didn't have the experience then that I do now that might give me a leg up (so to speak) for it. The other is a new business coming to town that while I'm not overly qualified for I know enough to know I could do it.

So, yeah, I'm doing a lot of asking "why?" because I really tried to do the thing right, despite the fact that the previous job was hurting me badly I still waited until I actually had another job to quit. And yet here I am unemployed again. *sigh*

I may have to go and beg for the job from hell back, because I have learned that despite everything they haven't yet hired anyone else, but the main reason I left is still affecting me even after four days off - the pain! So, I can't go back full time, and I honestly don't know if they'd take me back part time.

yes, I am one of those old foggies who was around for the original (though I am still in the A18-49 demo, and was only in said demo for a few years during the original Dallas), and decided since this new Dallas was supposed to be more of a sequel then a remake I figured what the hell I'd give it a shot... And honestly it keeps the spirit of the original while trying to expand on it. And keeping the spirit of the original is important - like Sydney (from Scream 4) said "you do not fuck with the original."

Yes, the new Dallas is cheesy and over the top, but so was the original Dallas. Granted I'm not entirely sure of the new cast yet because they don't seem to have the "magic" of the original cast. Granted though I barely (okay don't even) remember the first season of Dallas, so I can't say whether or not the original cast gelled instantly or if it took time, and I can see some potential in the new cast, especially with the dude playing John Ross (he really seems to get what his character is supposed to be and what type of show he's actually in) and the gal playing Elena was also pretty good - just hoping they keep leaning her more towards the Sue Ellen model instead of the Pamela Barnes model. Though I suppose it might be interesting to have John Ross with a Pam type and Chris with a Sue Ellen type, which seemed to be what the end of the episode was trying to sit up.

This show only really needs to remember one thing - J.R. always wins! At least in the end he always wins, he can have set-backs just like everyone else, but he's J.R., so... Anyway, if the new version can remember that it'll probably be okay.
(And I am more eager then I probably should be to see how J.R. or hell even John Ross takes Ewing Oil back from Cliff.)

Still I suppose it's a little weird that we've gone from "Who shot J.R.?" to "Who sent the e-mail?" but weirdly enough even that kind of works.

On the other hand, it's weird because I didn't realize how much I'd missed Dallas until I started watching last night, but apparently I'd missed it a great deal, because boy did the opening credits, especially the song, take me back.