Today I got a new job, but lets go for more backstory since I'm pretty sure I haven't shared everything here, because even I get tired of my own bitching after awhile. *grin*

Just over a month ago my current job increased my hours, and since you know I was having trouble before that you can (hopefully) imagine the trouble I've been having since then. Moe' money is nice, but not at the expense of my well being (i.e. health) you know.

Basically there was a girl at my current job who pretty much stood up and begged to be fired - she started calling in alot then she started coming in late almost all the time, and finally she'd just show up from time to time but would stop even calling in when she wasn't going to show up. So, yeah, it makes sense that they'd let her go, but then they refused to hire someone to replace her, which meant everyone (not just me) starting working more hours. And that's when I started looking for another job, because I knew my days with them was numbered. To be honest, I'm surprised I've been able to handle the increased hours as long as I have, especially since the current job offers no breaks and has a freakin' cow when one has to sit down for a moment.

Which meant I knew from the moment they increased my hours that my days with them was numbered, but I was trying to hang tough, because the increased money is good, and I don't actually have a "break from work" cushion anymore (not since I spent about six months unemployed last year), but during last week I knew I was nearing the end of my time with them. So much so that I almost told them that my last day last week was my last day period - the only reason I didn't is because as I say I no longer have a "break from work" cushion, and the increased hours means I haven't exactly had lots of time for job hunting.

Side note, though, I am a bit impressed with myself, because I'm quite honestly surprised I've been able to handle the increased hours as long as I have, but I knew that time was ending because I really was ready to just walk out the door last week never to return. Part of the problem is that the pain pills I'm taking will upset my stomach if I take them more then two days in a row and the increased hours meant I was tending to end up working four days in a row, which meant two days I was working without relief. It was not fun. And again remember the shifts at my current job are insanely long, especially since they refuse (for some reason) to actually give their employees breaks.

However, I hadn't really applied to anything, because working increased hours means I didn't have time to actually go looking, so I was basically just looking at help wanted ads in the paper - of which there's only been one for me in the past month.

But that's not how I got my new job - no, it was one I applied to while I was unemployed before, and I got the call literally out of the blue - they was looking to hire someone part time, AND (two big bonuses here, despite the fact that this new job is almost exactly the same type as my current job) the shifts they have are several hours shorter then the ones at my current job (the best bonus) and when I explained why I was looking to leave my current job the interviewer actually said that this new place wouldn't mind if I had to sit down a little bit as long as work got done - I can totally do that, in fact being able to sit down every so often will actually help me get the job done, because at my current job I actually slow down as the day (work week) rolls on because I start hurting so bad that moving becomes hard to do, and if I could actually take even just ten minutes to sit down that would keep me from slowing down so much.
(Oh, and the place where I will work closes about three hours earlier then my current job, so I'll no no longer feel like I'm working all day and all night.)

Plus based on certain factors (of which I can't be exactly sure until I actually start Monday - I'm finishing my week at my current job and since it's my weekend at my current job I'll be working the next three days there if not four, because I don't want to leave them in a bind) I believe this new job will be a lot less stressful - my current job is very high stress (in no small part because the people I work for/with are kind of picky about everything), and this new job (based on what I know of the business) will be less stressful. And less stress will probably make me feel better overall.

So, while I'm hurting to bad to do an actual happy dance I am doing a happy dance in spirit.