So, the truth is despite certain comments last week I think at the end of the day I enjoyed last weeks episode more then this weeks. Though to be fair until a certain point I was enjoying this weeks more, but there was one thing that really kind of ruined it for me... At least until my brain started to kick in and consider things, so here we go.

Supernatural 7x23 Survival of the Fittest

This episode ended up with two strikes against it not five minutes after it started, but to be honest after that it wasn't bad until the ending - I was just so disappointed by the ending that it overshadowed everything that was good and pure about this episode. Now I honestly expected the end of the episode to be the third strike, but I wasn't expecting it to be the third strike that it was. Based on rumors and such I was expecting Dick to live and that would've been the third strike, but then Dick didn't live, so I thought it was gonna be all good, and then BOOM! So, we basically have Cass and Dean on a date and Sam off skydiving - yeah, awesome. Really makes me wonder if my wishes for a season eight were misguided. No, I'm serious as the credits on this episode rolled I realized I was pretty bored with season eight all ready and they hadn't even started filming it yet.

Anyway, and for the record:

Strike One - No, Crowley/Dick kiss. On the other hand, perhaps the lack of kissing is what allowed Crowley to break the deal.
Strike Two - And with this one there is NOTHING that maybe redeems this one. I was denied Cass naked on a car covered in bees - why, show, why was this not shown on my screen! First you deny my naked!feral!Cass, and now this!
Strike Three - As I said, Dean/Cass on a date while Sam's off skydiving.

Strike two (and three, for that matter) proves this show just has some really fucked up priorities. So, I'm calling it now - Misha you owe me a picture! And not one with Jensen! However, despite that (and myself) I almost find myself hoping that Cass never gets back to his old self, because I am enjoying Cass and all his random thoughts crap, so at least if I must endure Dean/Cass fanservice I should at least enjoy Cass never having a thought he does not give voice too.

Still weirdly enough being disappointed over the "big" ending didn't hurt other things about this episode. For example, I'm not even miffed over Bobby's contrived wake-up "kill me now" moment. Though I admit after Death's Door Bobby's second (or what eighth now?) death just did not move me in any way. Also, Kevin didn't actually bore/annoy me during this episode - in point of fact he almost became interesting here. Then there's Meg driving the Impala... Now to be fair I'm not sure this one would've pissed me off any time, but I actually liked it here, mostly I suppose because it was actually a good fake-out on the part of Dean and Sam.

I was also a bit disappointed in Crowley here, as well, though. Not because he took the boys side, or grabbed Meg at the end, though I do find myself hoping this was not the end of Meg, but because at the end even Crowley was a bit of an idiot. Dean has just gone missing and Crowley keeps babbling about Kevin as though Sam gives two shits about some random profit at that moment. For shame, Crowley - for shame. Don't you know when Dean is missing Sam's sense of honor decency and a moral center tends to go completely missing. Yeah, he ain't caring about Crowley taking Kevin at all in that moment.
(I mean, this is Sam who at the thought of Dean going to hell thought it would be a fine idea to start killing people for their parts just to keep himself and Dean together - I mean, this seemed a perfectly logical and sensible plan to him. And later who went crazier and crazier watching Dean die over and over again to the point where he was told to have any chance of getting Dean back he needed lots of fresh human blood and said "lets go get it!" And then Sam once Dean was gone got himself hooked on demon blood on just the remote chance to avenge Dean. So, yeah, Sam doesn't care about Kevin and I can't figure out why Crowley thought he did.)

However, the main thing I come away from this episode thinking was that this entire season existed as nothing more then one long dick joke, which might've been okay if I'd realized this sooner and stopped expecting/looking for more then that. Still lets try (just for shits and giggles) for something with a little more depth in season eight. Okay, show.

And now after having watched again last night - don't look at me that way! When I got in from work I landed on the sofa and couldn't move for about five hours and all I had near me was remote controls, so I decided to watch the episode again. Or rather decided to watch last weeks and this weeks episode again, and that was when I realized all things considered I enjoyed last weeks more, but that maybe (just maybe) this one wasn't all bad either. At the very least this ending will hopefully lead to a Sam who's once again having lost his honor decency and moral center, because that's always a good flavor of Sam, and that means I don't want to see Sam trying to stop the leviathans from organizing, but a Sam so focused on getting Dean back that the very world itself can go to hell in the meantime.

But also this episode confirmed that all monsters go to purgatory, which means we may very well see Eve and Lenore again, which would be nice. But also means (at least in the case with Lenore) Dean and Cass might have a friend or two. Now granted I don't know if this is where demons go - I mean, logically "dead" demons should probably just end up back in hell, but if that was the case then we'd have seen (or at least heard about) Alastair and Yellow Eyes again all ready and sense we haven't I have to hope Yellow Eyes, but especially Alastair are also there. Alastair/Dean for the win! Seriously though Show if you're going to force you're Dean/Cass fanservice down my throat I demand reparations in the form of Alastair/Dean fanservice. I also admit that I wouldn't mind see Crowley come to realize that without Dean Sam cares not for anything and keeps coming around trying to get Sam back on the saving the world track - basically I want some Crowley/Sam fanservice, damn it!
(Also, though I demand some serious Cass/Sam fanservice when Dean and Cass finally get back, because that's what I was hoping for in the first place - Dean sucked in to purgatory with Dick with Cass and Sam being left behind to work together to help/save Dean.)