I suppose before I start I should admit that The Vampire Diaries season finale almost ruined me for this show this week, because the first time I watched this episode I was deeply deeply bitchy about everything even the things that didn't really suck. So, I decided to do some housework and take a break from TV before watching the episode again later. And sure enough during the cleaning I realized some things - mainly that the season three finale of The Vampire Diaries was one of those one of a kind episodes that generally every show does manage at least once. Sure, all shows have good episodes, but great ones are rare, and while great ones can be repeated no show has ever managed to be great all the time.

So while The Vampire Diaries The Departed was really good and really awesome it is unlikely even The Vampire Diaries will maintain that greatness, and that it's really unfair to hold this episode of Supernatural up against that and judge it by that. Because, of course, Supernatural has attained such greatness itself before and yes even in season seven. Yes, mostly I'm talking about the first two episodes of season seven which to me was (especially the second one) just as awesome and great as the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

Of course, that begs the question of what happened after that to Supernatural over the course of the season? But I don't want to get into before cutting for SPOILERS, so...

Anyway, I said all that to say that sure enough by the time I watched this episode again I was feeling much more kindly toward it, though that doesn't mean I loved it, but at least second time around I was able to love some of it, enjoy most of it, and be almost happy with what it was as an episode.

Supernatural 7x22 There Will Be Blood

So, I guess first I'll continue the question I asked above (get the bitching and moaning out of the way before I talk about the episode itself) - what happened to Supernatural over the course of season seven? Because season seven truly had an awesome start, but even as early as the third episode it started to fall apart.

Yes, it was the first time I watched this episode that got me thinking about this, because as the credits rolled first time around I was very much "MEH!" over the episode, and thinking about how very wrong it was that the main things I was concerned about is where (and why) did Dean get his new coat from, and how I was both excited and scared about the promise of the AlphaVamp being back next season.

Excited because I love the AlphaVamp, he is an awesome character, and just sitting there the character (actor?) instills more feelings of fear then Dick Roman does running around doing evil things. Now don't get me wrong, I can't fault the Dick Roman actor, because he is giving it his all, but somehow no matter how he tries he just doesn't instill in me a sense of fear, but I do like (sometimes) watching him as an actor crew the scenery, but even when he's more than a little creepy (see the Tattoo episode) he just can't manage to feel like one of the great villains.

Scared because I'm wondering if the AlphaVamp will remain as much of an awesome character if he's around too much. It's (so far) worked with Death, but there's just a part of me that wonders if somehow the AlphaVamp will just end up another neutered villain, and he's such an awesome character that deserves better. Here's hoping since Carver is coming from working on a vampire show he'll be up to the challenge. Show, what I'm saying is that the AlphaVamp is not just a badass character, but a reasonably clever character so DON'T SCREW HIM UP!

Anyway, before I got side-tracked (again!) I was wondering what happened to season seven, and, to be honest, I don't know - I just know the first two episodes had me brimming with excitement because I was expecting a wild awesome ride and then with each successive episode the show slowly started to pick away at that excitement. I mean last season I might have not been happy about how things started, but at least by the end the overall story came together and mostly worked - i.e. in hind-sight some of the stuff I wasn't happy about was redeemed/explained, and as I said I found as a story it mostly worked, and season seven seems to be going the other way - it seemed to have a cohesive plan at first that feels like it flittered out and fell apart over the course of the season.

Honestly mostly this just makes me wonder what's been going on behind the scene's this season, and I hate caring about shit like that, because mostly I never care what happens behind the scene's on the shows I watch (unless, of course, it's about Jared/Misha pulling down pants, spanking, grabbing balls and/or Jensen NOT breaking character through all that, because IMPRESSIVE! & I care very much about behind the scene's stuff of that nature), but they clearly had something planned at first that as I said above just seems to have flittered out and fell apart as the season has progressed, and I'd kinda like to know why that happened, and I feel like it was probably because of behind the scene's stuff.

Now finally moving on to the actual episode...

So, I did like this episode, especially the Dean and Sam stuff, because except for a snag or two (Dean has no idea what toxic shock actually is & the combo for the safe being stupid!Bobby's birthday - really dumb guys!) they was shown as being relatively smart here, and I tend to like it more when both Dean and Sam are consistently shown as not dumbasses.
(And, yes, while I have reverted to calling Bobby Stupid!Bobby again it's not because I'm unhappy with that aspect of the story, because I am liking Bobby moving further and further off the reservation - like he watched the girl call her "daddy," but then got so easily distracted by a news report of Dick Roman, and I really liked that, because that is showing the story instead of just telling the story, and Jim is pulling it all off wonderfully.)

Also loved the AlphaVamp interactions not just with Dean and Sam, but also his interactions with Edgar. But mostly this worked for me, because the actor injected something here - some sense that the AlphaVamp knew Dean and Sam was telling him the truth, but also an almost understated sense of hopelessness about it all that actually worked. Plus his reaction to Edgar insulting his mother - seriously, NEVER insult a guy's mother it will always end badly, though maybe not this badly.

Honestly, I should be loving this whole leviathan storyline - I honestly should, because since late season five (at least) I've wanted something that actually forces Dean and Sam to work with the things they'd rather be killing, but once again this kinda falls flat mostly because it feels almost (but not quite at least in this episode) like an after-thought, and I think maybe this whole thing would work better for me if this had been the main thrust of the story this season instead of watching empty land or leviathans and their real-estate deals, but instead we shoulda been watching all manner of natural enemies trying (and sometimes failing) to actually work together to figure out how to deal with the leviathan threat. That's why I think I was so happy way back when Spike!Witch mojo'ed the very interesting Chet - I was hoping this might lead to all the other "species" plus Dean and Sam working together, because really is anyone honestly surprised that the leviathans are trying to wipe out all the other monsters? Nope, except the monsters themselves - *sigh*
(SEE, SHOW, THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE KILLED LENORE! Yeah, I bet you thought I'd forgotten all about that, but the jokes on you because I will NEVER forget about that travesty!)

Another interesting thing that could possibly explain the new coat, but Dean looked positively emaciated in this episode, and generally the show has always tried to make him look not fat but totally a solid wall of muscle, which worked considering the work Dean has done all his life, but this episode... Like I said Dean looked damn near emaciated here. And given this episode that actually kinda works, but also kinda doesn't. Since they had been shown (until this episode) still eating fast food it doesn't work, but I'm ignoring that and thinking Dean's body shrank a million sizes at just the mere thought of having to eat "bird food" for possibly the rest of his life. POOR DEAN! Someone give this poor man a safe cheeseburger or two, AND a completely homemade pie that is leviathan additive free. Surely someone could do this for him - HASN'T HE SUFFERED ENOUGH! Yes, yes, he has! FEED HIM!

However, one thing that stuck out in both watches is that if it wasn't for needing the blood of a "beast" that it almost looks like Lucifer is the key to defeating the leviathans. And weirdly enough (though I doubt it's meant to play this way, but...) that makes me feel like the Supernatural big G may have actually planned all this - Lucifer escapes before the leviathans can rise and all... Yeah, I know, Luci is apparently caged again, but it would've worked if I'd been right in my guess that some of what was tormenting Sam was an actual bit of Lucifer and not just all memory. But whatever random thoughts tend to be just that.

So, anyway, despite my reactions on first watch this actually wasn't a bad episode, and was kinda actually a bit of all right, though it could've been slightly better paced, but was fine as it was.