Right after watching the episode as the credits rolled my reaction was OMG! Seriously.

The Vampire Diaries 3x22 The Departed

Of course, there was some things that I saw coming, and in one case I honestly don't know why/how, but from the moment I watched the promos after last weeks episode I just knew this episode was going to end with vampire!Elena. And since the show is going there that could maybe explain why Katherine just suddenly disappeared. *coughs*

Now granted I didn't know the twists and turns that would be taken to get to vampire!Elena I just knew vampire!Elena was coming. And, of course, I knew vampire!Elena would end Alaric. However, I never expected that Alaric would "kill" Klaus first. Nor did I have any clue (at least before the events of the episode) that Bonnie would "sacrifice" Tyler to save Klaus... Now don't get me wrong it makes sense that Bonnie (and Tyler - he'd do it for Caroline if no one else) would do something like this for her mother and Caroline if none of the others.

Something else I didn't expect (see coming) is that vampire!Elena would be Meredith's fault. Honestly, after the head-injury last week I had just assumed that Damon and/or Stefan would feed her some blood and that's how she'd turn, but that's not what happened. And to be fair all the set-up was there for it to be Meredith I just didn't see it coming.

Another thing I didn't think would happen was that Elena revealing her choice between the vampires - I figured that would drag until after Elena was a vampire and then suddenly other things (vampire!Elena) would be more important then which vampire brother she wanted to really get down with was.

So, as I said above, while I knew after last episode this season was going to end with Elena becoming a vampire I had no idea the twists and turns the episode would take to get her there, nor did I know if said twists and turns would be good. But the honest truth is (aside from two teeny tiny things, and even then I suppose one of those can be written off by magic) there was nothing about this episode that I didn't love.

Also, despite me not exactly lovin' the Caroline/Tyler ship anymore I must admit that scene between them where Caroline is sad about Tyler's impending doom... Well, if there was ever a time a TV show might move me to tears that scene right there would've been the one.

Anyway the teeny tiny bothersome things are:

1. Okay, this episode reveals for certain that Klaus is the father of Team Vampire Diaries (and interestingly enough Bonnie seemed to know that even without the confirmation) - now that's not the part that bothers me. Yes, for some reason I wanted it to be Elijah, but even I admitted an episode or two ago Klaus being the one would've been (and was) an interesting twist. The part that bothers me is that after Klaus is "killed" Becks and Elijah reveal that they know Klaus is Team Vampire Diaries daddy, but for some reason the very fact that only Tyler is revealed dead doesn't make either Becks or Elijah think that maybe just maybe Klaus somehow survived. Now granted during the scene itself Elijah almost seems clueful, but then the scene before Becks kills Elena indicates that Elijah just moved the hell on, so -- DUMBASSES!

2. Is also Klaus related. So, Alaric stakes Klaus and Klaus (or the body) burns. Now I'd think the vampire bloodline would be tied to the original vampire body that was just staked and burned, so even though Klaus changed bodies his original body's destruction should've still wiped out his vampire bloodline. However, as mentioned above this one could be excused a little because magic. Bonnie clearly did something and whatever she did would've needed to preserve the bloodline since her mother and Caroline are tied to that, but it's annoying because the show didn't really explain it. I mean, sure, I'm not one of those people that need everything explained. For example, knowing that Tyler talked to Bonnie makes me believe that Tyler consented to being taken over by Klaus, and as I said above I could see him doing it for no other reason then to protect Caroline. And also earlier in the episode when Bonnie asks Damon to leave her alone with Klaus, while it's not exactly revealed what Bonnie did that scene at least reveals she is planning something. So, while this can be explained with the "its magic, dumbass" explanation it's still a bit of a logic gap on why/how the bloodline can survive when the original body said bloodline is tied to is no more.

But still even with those two teeny tiny moments this episode is still OMG--AWESOME!!

I really wish season four was starting next week, because I want to see vampire!Elena, and also would like to know if Elena is of the same vampire bloodline the others are or if she's a different bloodline. It's probably Damon's blood Meredith used (because if I recall correctly his was the blood she used on the others, but maybe not), but it would be interesting if Elena was tied to a different original then the rest of them.