Well, I'm back talking about Harry Potter again - blame Fandom_Wank. Seriously, if not for that I'd be reading the Television Without Pity recaps of the X-Files again. Why? Because I've just started watching the series again "weekly" and for some reason thought reading the recaps again would be fun.

Of course, only one of the episodes I've recently watched was recapped on TwP, but I just can't seem to get enough of those recaps - if it weren't for the rampant Scully/Anderson love and the not quite as rampant, but still there, hating of Mulder/Duchovny those recaps would be almost perfect. Almost? Well, aside from what I've all ready mentioned, this Jessica person just isn't as hard on seasons eight and nine as I am/was.

But I'm not here to talk about/review X-Files, I'm here for the Harry Potter movies.

*sigh* I, once again, am the lone ranger on the following opinions. I'm not totally alone (this time) but most people seem to feel differently than me about them.

You see, I really liked/enjoyed the first two movies - while most feel they sucked eggs. But I felt they were good movies and great at keeping things book-like. Were there problems? Of course, but overall I just think they are much better than three at keeping things in line with the books and oddly enough being not only consistant within themselves, but consistant with each other. And that is important to me. Movie Three goes way out in left field on all fronts. I also believe if I hadn't read that book before watching that movie I would have been left saying "WTF?" a whole lot more - even with reading the book first I said quite a few "WTF?"s anyway, but at least I wasn't as lost as I would have been if I hadn't read the book.

And that kiddies is what makes a movie good or bad for me. I don't care how "real" something looks, but I will freely admit movie three had a more "real" look than the first two, at least in some cases. The overall wizarding world look loads better, but the story/characters look/are worse.

Even movie four was better than movie three in my opinion, and I honestly don't like movie four all that much either. Seems to me as the movies go on they move futher and futher away from the books - so much so that I think Rowling's book ending is gonna make the movies pull things that won't make sense as far as movie continuity is concerned.

Now I'm not one of those people that doesn't understand that a movie is different from a book and therefore cannot be exactly the same. But as far as I'm concerned story-wise book three is a jumbled mess. Therefore, no matter how good it may look (which is debatable) it will never be good for me because the story that goes along with that look isn't consistant.

Actually, I kinda wish the movie folk had waited until all seven books were finished. Then I believe all the movies would have been better all along, because then the people making the movies would know the full story, and they could do their chop/change job while still keeping the important stuff in. See Lord of the Rings. In some cases the Rings movies actually made things better than they were in the books.