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Okay, so the truth is I feel like shit today, but not my normal shit - today it's more of a fever (oh LORD can I rest now kind of thing) instead of being the just shoot me because of foot pain kind of thing. I only mention that to explain why the reviews this week probably won't be much longer than the ones last week, and at least one (The Vampire Diaries) kinda deserves a longer review this time around.

But first! Did anyone see The Big Bang Theory Thursday night? I know I've been worried for awhile now that they was going to screw up Sheldon's character by making said character sexual, but this weeks episode made me think I might end up not minding if they actually go there, because Amy using the same tactics on Sheldon that he's in the past used on Penny just tickled me in ways that I can't really explain I just know I liked it.

The Vampire Diaries 3x21 Before Sunset

So, The Vampire Diaries tradition for awesome penultimate episodes continues.

But lets start with the last scene first - last week I decided that I really thought my "dirty-bad-wrong" ship for this show was going to end up being Elena/Jeremy instead of Damon/Stefan, and that last scene from this episode really seals that deal. I honestly thought (for a moment anyway) that the two was honestly going to kiss, and I wouldn't have minded that at all. So, now Elena should tell Damon and Stefan to go screw each other, and then she can run off with Jeremy.

I do wonder, though, how the show is going to avoid having Elena choose between Damon and Stefan thereby losing one of the characters, because Damon and Stefan did make a deal that the one who Elena didn't choose would leave, and you know the show is unlikely to let either one of them go long term. At least they'd be fools if they did, so I am at least curious how they're going to work around that.

Also, this episode left me deeply deeply worried for/about Caroline. Considering Alaric revealing her to the whole Council I'm afraid Caroline may not see "them" coming for her. Run and hide, Vampire Barbie - RUN AND HIDE! Seriously, she shoulda jumped in the car with Damon and Stefan while they toddle off to dump Klaus in the ocean apparently.

Speaking of which, if anyone out there thinks that was the end of Klaus... Well, I doubt you've been watching the show, because the twist here (i.e. the shocking thing) would be if that really was the end of Klaus. However, using the spell to suck the life out of Klaus when the plan to suck the life out of Alaric failed was a nice twist in and of itself, though you could sorta see it coming what with Klaus suddenly trying to kill Elena and all.

But another awesome twist that I stupidly didn't see coming was that Alaric's vampire life is tied to Elena's human life. And, yes, with this show I shoulda expected something like that, and I did - I knew he'd have a limited shelf life I just didn't know how that would be done.

Anyway, despite my great love (and sympathy) of Becky I am a bit peeved at her now, because here Caroline risks her life to save Becky, but does Becky do the same for Caroline? No, hell no she does not! BITCH! No wonder none of the originals have any real friends. BAD BECKY - No biscuit for you!

Also, I was kinda creeped out by one thing - that Klaus and I are kinda on the same side of the Damon/Elena Stefan/Elena ship war. It's even worse when you consider that I think he'd join me on Team Incest, because he would like for Elena to have a baby one day so once Elena is gone there will at some point be another.

Final thought - I love (more then I should, really) how Caroline escaped from Alaric, but instead of just running the hell away she stops for her car and that's how he drags her back. Seriously, stupid of her, but for her character it works and I totally loved it instead of hating it.

Supernatural 7x21 Reading is Fundamental

Well, I must admit the beginning of this episode DID NOT inspire confidence - the whinny kids and their SAT crap - BORING!

Then we jump to Dean being stupid, except it ended up not being stupid, but it was still stupid. If you're trying to open something, and it seems like the entire universe is saying "stop - don't" maybe you should oh I don't know STOP! So, at first it was stupid, then it seemed the universe was siding with Dean and it wasn't stupid, but then the stupid leviathans get their hands on it in the end anyway, so it finished at stupid, though because Dean was stupid first at least Dean and Sam have a copy, so... WHATEVER!

On the other hand, despite all that in the end I found I didn't hate this episode. I wouldn't call it the best episode ever, but at least it didn't completely bore me. But this Cass episode was no where near as good as the previous Cass episode this season.

Anyway, to be honest I expected to dislike this episode, because I thought I'd hate baby!Cass, but instead I think I kinda loved him. "Pull my finger, thoughts about cat peni (penis's), the metatron, noting Sam seems troubled, but also noting that's a default sitting." HeHe

But all the good didn't come from Cass, because "sex torture dungeon" also wasn't a bad commentary, or maybe it just seemed better because it came from an otherwise horribly boring character. I don't know. But then Meg trying to get some Sassy going - I like Meg!

And I guess I should get excited over Meg's motives revealed, but really is there anyone in the audience at this point that hadn't all ready figured that out. I mean mostly it was all kinda self explanatory, except apparently to Dean and Sam... Though to be fair Dean and Sam do have more then a few demon issues, as the angels so kindly pointed out.

Anyway, next weeks looks a bet interesting, but I expected the betrayal to come from a certain King instead of an Alpha, though I guess even that makes sense since the King had all ready tried to get in bed with the levis.
(And that makes it look like Crowley is trying to sex up Dean and Sam's pants - I like unintended statements. Plus the imagine of Crowley trying to mate with a pair of pants makes me giggle like a twelve year old, so...)
*peeks in and hugs* ;)