What the hell has happened with these two shows of mine? No, seriously, it used to be when I didn't like an overall episode I would still find something in the episode to like. And I guess there was a few things I liked about these episodes, but overall I gotta admit I was mostly bored with both shows this week.
(There's probably spelling and all manner of other errors in these reviews, but I hate this PCs spell check and I didn't really care enough about these to episodes to fight with spell check to try and clean them up.)

The Vampire Diaries 3x20 Do Not Go Gentle

So, as mentioned I was more then a little disappointed, and most of it is because of that twist at the end with posessed!Bonnie forcing Alaric to transition - BORED NOW! Yes, I like Alaric, so, no, I wasn't eager for him to leave the show, but I'd rather him left then watch the show continue with this current story JUST KILL AND BANISH MOMMY!DEAREST AND MOVE ON ALL READY! And another problem with that twist is that you could see it coming from miles away if for no other reason then the show kept drawing out his damn death, which made it even more obvious then it was before that.
(I mean the only way I'm gonna like vampire!Alaric is if they find a way to make him himself again instead of the evil!insane!version, because honestly I'd rather see Alaric struggling to deal with being a vampire instead of just watching him burn out trying to wipe them out.)

However, I suppose aside from that the overall episode wasn't bad, but it also didn't have ANYTHING that kept me on the edge of my seat, so really saying it wasn't bad is just damning with faint praise, because I've never truly been bored with an episode of this show before - yes, it's done things I haven't liked, even things I've outright hated, but it's never bored me before.

Still so I can say something positive I will give props for show finally explaining why wearing the ring keeps making people crazy - Mommy!Dearest whispering in their ears every time they die. Yeah, I think that'd drive me crazy too.

Honestly, I'm starting to think shipping is the problem, because this episode still had some Damon/Elena stuff was also still piling on the Caroline/Klaus crap, and even managed to toss in some Jeremy/Bonnie ship, and frankly I don't care about any of it. Elena needs to make a damn decision all ready and move on - and admittedly if she choses Damon she's a fool (Yes, there might be passion with Damon, but Stefan is the one who'll actually be good for her, and I don't see why me and Caroline are the only people seeing that). And I'm over Caroline/Tyler and Caroline/Klaus, so the shipping really offers me nothing I care about, which could explain why the show is so very seriously starting to bore me.

However, there was one other slightly redeming factor in this episode, and that was when Damon sat with his dying boyfriend (Alaric) and basically kissing him goodbye. Of course, that was shot to hell from the twist that flopped out of someone's ass.

Supernatural 7x20 The Girl With the Tattoo

Yes, I know that wasn't actually the title of the episode, but the title is long and the episode just wasn't good enough for me to care about getting an absurdly long title correct.

Okay, I guess that's not exactly fair - I did like this weeks episode of Supernatural more then I did this weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries, but again sorta damning with faint praise. Because while this episode didn't exactly bore me I just felt more then a little let-down by the end of the episode. I suppose I might've been happier if I wasn't so over the damn leviathan story-line, but the last time I was remotely interested in that story-line was back when Chet was around since then it's been kinda stupid but mostly boring.

Personally, I guess I was biased against them from pretty much the beginning when they pushed out what I felt would've been a more interesting story-line (Cass with delusions of grandeur aka evil!Cass), but I still think I could've been won over if I'd found them personally interesting. Honestly, at this point, I think it would've probably been better if they had went Mathra down main street. Yes, I understand I am supposed to find what they're actually doing more scary then I would if they went Mothra down main street, but again most just bored with it. However, at least the plan is revealed, so maybe we can start watching Team Dumbass make some progress on things instead of just watching them trying (and failing) to figure it all out.

On the other hand, I think I am starting to warm up to this ghost!Bobby arc, because it seems like instead of some kind of super!special!Bobby they are going with plain ol' human Bobby that really should've known better. I think that was one of my great fears with ghost!Bobby that they was gonna go the special!snowflake way with it, and it doesn't seem like that's what they're doing, so for the moment I'm gonna sit back for the ride on this arc.

And, okay, I guess I should talk about these weeks very special (though I don't think I've seen anything besides this that she's done) guest star Felicia Day... I think I may have a thing for chicks with red hair, because while I didn't much care for the character (a bit to quirky/special for my tastes) I keep thinking I liked her, because I liked her. And I admit that I did kinda love her girl!crush on Hermione, though my Potter girl!crush is and always shall be with Luna - we are having a great affair on the astral plane. The problem was that I couldn't entirely love even this aspect, because that Hermione doll was just WAY creepy looking.

On the other hand, they used this to reveal that Sam is totally a Harry Potter geek - the problem now is that I'm gonna spend way to much time trying to figure out Sam's favorite Potter ships, which is really a big waste of time, but there you go. But the best part of this episode was Dean "instructing" FD on flirting with the dude. HeHe No, seriously, I was even more amused then Sam by this.

However, there was one thing that kept bothering me all through the episode - why would Frank (a very paraniod person, to put it kindly) keep all his shit on apparently one computer hard drive? That just seems so deeply stupid and totally against the type of character Frank is that I can't even. Honestly, I'd think a character like Frank would've at least made the hard-drive explode or something if someone started trying to hack it.

So there it is another group of short reviews.