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*sigh* Well I was all ready to post my review of The Vampire Diaries yesterday and then BOOM I could not connect to the internet at all. Of course, it's no big loss, because to be honest I didn't love either episode this time around, so both reviews are shorter then normal for me. Seriously, I wouldn't have even needed to cut if not for the SPOILERS. Granted I liked/enjoyed the episode of The Vampire Diaries loads more then this weeks Supernatural.

The Vampire Diaries 3x19 Heart of Darkness

This episode was NOT a fast-paced episode. In fact, it was quite boring and slow in more then a few places. Also, there was much more Damon/Elena in this episode then I am happy with, but despite certain things I didn't hate the episode, though I didn't really love it either.

Part of what helped this episode is that Rose was looking very smoking hot here. Also, Alaric was looking a lot more smoking then usual. However, to the disappointment of some I've found my Alaric ship and it is not the popular Damon/Alaric. Nope, this episode saw me boarding the Stefan/Alaric ship train - and yes I ship both versions (evil!Stefan/good!Alaric AND good!Stefan/evil!Alaric).

Also, it would seem I was wrong Elijah did not sire Rose - I really thought he had, but I don't keep this show on DVR and haven't purchased on DVD beyond season one, so I couldn't be sure.

POOR BECKY! Honestly, WHY BECKY?! On the other hand, this is really show-casing actress talent, so it's not all bad, but I miss Becky all ready. And I suppose I really should've seen that twist coming when Ester died in Becky's arms, but I really honestly didn't (maybe because I was tired and hurting from work, but either way I totally didn't see it coming). Speaking of which, I'm guessing this means that Becky isn't the head of our vampire group, because she really seems sit up to be the next original down. I'm really starting to think that maybe Team Vampire Diaries are descended from Klaus, which admittedly would be an interesting twist, though for whatever reason I still really want it to be Elijah.

So, I guess you noticed I haven't tossed in a poor Caroline when normally at this point I probably would, but I'm starting to think with the way this show is going it will be revealed that Caroline does have a thing for Klaus... And while I really like Klaus as a character I'd rather not have Caroline having a thing for him. Klaus/Caroline is one of those ships that would be best left unrequited.

Final thought - Elena and Jeremy should just make out all ready. I'm sorry, but I've ignored the chemistry between these actors for to long, and this episode will allow me to ignore it no longer. Yes, yes I know they are playing brother and sister, but I don't care. There's would be very very hot dirty bad wrong and naughty in the good way kind of love.

Supernatural 7x19 Of Grave Importance

There was some good Dean/Sam moments here, but the episode itself was mostly all about Bobby, and I guess that's why this episode just really didn't appeal to me. I mean there was one scene where they teased showing me freshly showered (naked) Dean, but since they didn't actually show naked wet Dean... No points given!

Then at the end Dean basically makes my arguement against ghost!Bobby, which was nice, I admit. But mostly I just didn't care for the overall episode.

I mean even the potential from the fact that Dean and Sam slept with the same gal (at sadly different times) was ruined by throwing in the fact that she also took a run at Bobby. *sigh*
I'm intrigued by your Alaric/Stefan thoughts.

And Lauren Cohen was in fine form, was she not? I first discovered her in CHUCK and was delighted when I found out she'd be in S2 of The Walking Dead. And her TWD has become one of my favourites. It was nice to see Rose back but at the same time I was kind of irritated at how she was basically used as a shipping device. I was far more interested in learning more about how she was turned.

Nina and Steven have insane chemistry.
Sorry about the reply delay, but I've been working insane hours at work lately, because they fired someone but really apparently don't want to hire someone else to take their place and instead work the few people they do have to death.

As for my Alaric/Stefan thoughts - I wish they was deep, but they really aren't - I just thought both guys looked smoking hot in their scenes together, and to be honest I find the Damon/Alaric ship a little to drama laden for my tastes - where Stefan and Alaric would just get together and have nasty good times without all the emotional angst, or at least that's what they do in my head. *grin*

Anyway, I do agree with you about Rose - I think it would've been more interesting to learn why Scary Mary chose to turn her rather then hearing her thoughts on shipping.