Okay, I really meant to post this the same day I posted my "updated" thoughts about the recent Supernatural episode, but got caught up in my ~feelings about that episode and completely forgot to do this. Then I had to work, and so this was delayed until today. But now finally today we are talking about the most recently aired Criminal Minds episode.

Soooo, speaking of shows wanting my attention I stumbled across another this week (Criminal Minds).

Anyway, Wednesday's Criminal Minds catches my attention right out of the gate with crazy!Dru, and yes she is in fact crazy here, though for some reason everyone kept calling her Kate, I think. She also somehow managed to not just pull a Darla but pull it twice, because apparently at some point Dru had kids - two of them (a boy and a girl). Anyway, I don't care what the show says this is in fact Drusilla, because her son later reveals that she still hasn't gotten rid of her visions. I'd almost think that Dru just kidnapped a couple kids and was raising them for whatever Dru reason, but it would appear that the son really is her, because he's not quite sane himself.

It's after the scene with the conversation where the son reveals the visions that I start taking bets on when the daughter will be revealed to have problems. In the end she holds it together so long that I start to believe she's gonna make it out of this episode sane. I shoulda knowed better.

But this episode doesn't stop with crazy!Dru and her crazy potent DNA, it also brings me some Freddy. And to be fair while the actor acts the part well, I must admit that I kept wondering when he was gonna attack someone or reveal that he owns a zombie strip-club... And I'd think those were just my quirks (issues) except that he plays this character with more then a little creepy thrown in, so I think maybe I was supposed to suspect these things on purpose and not just because of the actors past. However, I firmly believe the devil who showed up to claim the daughter in the end was him. Yeah, yeah, I know we're supposed to think no one was actually there and she just saw it because she's insane, but I don't believe that at all.

Now I like to think Criminal Minds did all this just to please me, though I rather suspect it has nothing to do with me at all and there's just a Buffy and/or Nightmare fan on staff, but I'm going with them doing this to please me (get my attention for a review), because as I said in a recent Supernatural review I need something good in my life right now.

Still there is one thing that would've made this episode better, and that would be more (hints) of canon Hussy (my ship name for Rossi/Hotch), but this time I'm not going to hold the lack of even hints against this episode, because at least unlike some other shows this show isn't afraid of throwing a hint or two up just to please me. I'm just saying that I wouldn't object to more.