So, I said the following in my review of Party On, Garth, and now I have no idea why I thought/felt that way.

"Well, lets just say if I didn't keep my ego well in check I might start to actually think someone from the show really is reading my verbal spewing about it."

Because the truth is after a rewatch I have no idea why I thought that about this episode. Yes, I rewatched the other night, because I'd had a somewhat rough day at work and weirdly enough I was for once caught up on my DVR watching and I thought I'd liked this episode so I decided to rewatch. Now all I can figure is that maybe I was just riding a high after Out With the Old and The Born-Again Identity, or more likely I was in enough pain that my brain was playing tricks on me or something, because honestly much of this episode contained mostly exact opposites of what would have pleased me, or maybe it was just that one really big thing that on second viewing simply overshadowed everything.

But seriously I mean if they (the writers) was really writing to please me Dean and Sam would spend most episodes tied up and bloody, or make others tied up and bloody. But more importantly (at least as related to the most recent episode) ghost!Bobby would NOT have been confirmed, because while I do love Jim Beaver and don't want him out of work... Well, bringing Bobby back (outside of flashbacks) is just stupid on so many levels.

First with all his experience Bobby should damn well be smart enough to realize that remaining behind as a ghost is a very bad idea. Second it also takes away from Death's Door (which was a pretty good episode, and an awesome swan song for Bobby), but if Bobby just comes back then it makes that episode pretty pointless. But possibly the reason I hate it most is because it's no doubt going to be played as Bobby loves his boys (YOU AREN'T THEIR FATHER SO STFU!) to much to leave them alone, but that also means he's stupidly arrogant thinking that he's better then anyone else to ever die in thinking that somehow he's special enough to avoid the "pitfalls" of remaining behind.

Clearly as you can see I have many feelings about this and none of them are actually positive, though I suppose I could forgive some of it if Bobby hanging around leads to the leviathan plot-line (such as it is) ending with the current season, because I've been hearing disturbing rumors that the Supernatural PTB are thinking about continuing the fairly boring ass leviathan story next season.

But also despite misleading interviews no one was actually shocked by the appearance of ghost!Bobby, because it just wasn't a clever twist. No, a clever twist would've been revealing that it was ghost!John or ghost!Mary or both. After all in season five it was revealed that neither Mary or John was in heaven, and honestly this bugs me possibly more then any other dropped Supernatural plot - WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!

Hell all things considered revealing the ghost to be Ellen would've been more twisty (shocking) then ghost!Bobby. And, to be fair, ghost!Ellen wouldn't have been completely out of no where since she did (we think) make a bit of contact with Dean earlier in the current season. Hell I'd take ghost!Jo and/or ghost!Rufus over ghost!Bobby, though to be fair ghost!Rufus would be as silly and stupid as Bobby since Rufus like Bobby should know enough to know better. But no the show didn't take an interesting (shocking) route instead they went as expected from the moment the beer was drank. BORED NOW!

So, yeah, I'm blaming extreme pain, and/or the fact that I just liked the glimpse of drunk!Dean and Sam, and/or the show confirming that DJ Garth is stupid!Garth in Weekend at Bobby's, which I called the moment we met DJ Garth, for me thinking this episode was originally trying to please me.