So, yes, late again this time around. Blame work that's the reason again.

The Vampire Diaries 3x18 The Murder of One

So, it would seem that The Vampire Diaries is a wee bit jealous that lately I've been giving longer reviews to Supernatural, and so they pulled this episode out of their hats to get my attention. YAY!

First they delight me with some SHIRTLESS (or at least full open shirt) TORTURED DAMON! Though I do think they tried to annoy me with the bit about an original dying taking all of their line with them. But oops that's actually not my rather well-known pet peeve. My pet peeve is actually when killing the vampire/werewolf that made you turns you all human again, and that's not what this episode did. So, Show, if you was aiming for my pet peeve you missed, because I actually almost liked (and at least felt what you did here made sense) that killing an original will take out not just said original but will kill (not turn back human) all the vampires sired from that blood-line.

Poor Tyler, because Klaus really has to go, but at least Katherine, Damon, and Stefan should be okay, because I'm almost sure I remember that Elijah sired Rose and Rose sired Katherine and so on. So, basically as long as they don't kill Elijah every (but poor poor Tyler) should be okay. To be honest, awhile back I'd have been more upset at the thought of losing Tyler, but season two basically killed Tyler for me so now I'm pretty MEH about the idea of Tyler going bye-bye. Though I suppose I care enough that I can at least hope they make Tyler's swan song a good one, though I'm thinking Becka may just kill Klaus before anyone else can get around to it, and good for her!
(Though I really do kinda like Klaus, and really kinda love the actor playing him, but really Klaus as a character kinda has to die, and sooner rather than later.)

Oh, and really, Damon, you know the ring was driving Alaric bonkers, but you think it's a good idea to force him to wear it again anyway. IDIOT, but at least you was kinda shirtless and tortured in this episode, so I'm feeling more forgiving than usual.

So, mostly a good solid episode, aside from that small bit of Damon/Alaric-related stupidity.

Supernatural 7x18 Party On, Garth

So this episode confirmed, by way of the previouslies, that I was right. DJ Garth is in fact dumbass Garth from Weekend at Bobby's.

Basically though something about this whole episode... Well, lets just say if I didn't keep my ego well in check I might start to actually think someone from the show really is reading my verbal spewing about it. But tonight (Friday) I'm passing it off as me being in pain and really tired, because you see as I was working today I realized that one of my toe-nails was slightly in grown, so after eating and watching Supernatural I had to dig it out. Chill, yes it hurt, yes I almost passed out once, but I got it out and felt instantly better. Shame it apparently isn't that easy to fix the other pains in my foot, because alas I can all ready tell these new insoles ain't going to be much help.
(Just a Monday update - after working three days I KNOW these insoles ain't gonna do the trick, because by Sunday I had to go on some drugs just to make it through work, so... And sadly even after that my feet do still hurt more then they should it's just more as less that I'm drugged enough right now that I almost don't care.)

Anyway, mostly this episode has me wondering when exactly is Dean's liver going to crawl out and start trying to beat him to death. Of course, I guess I'm no longer one to talk/pass judgement, but at least I'm using to "fix" physicial pain and not some emo angst crap. On the other hand, this episode does allow Dean to drink some good stuff (I know that bottles shape, maybe not the best stuff in the world, but some of the best stuff I could ever drink - Hell, I'm almost ready right now to kill for some of that).

You know what? I know it would probably bore most of the audience, but I'd almost like to see an episode where Dean and Sam are drunk the whole time just talking and having fun. But I suppose if wishes was I'd wish away my pain first.

However, I can't write off not loving everything about this episode to pain (or being tired), because this episode gives us not just stupid!Bobby, but dumbass!Sam to boot. Though there was a cute moment when Sam backs out of going with Dean and Garth and so now we know what a smirk looks like on Sam. Anyway, seriously, Sam, seriously - we're normal. Really that's your answer here. The sword actually jedi's back to Dean, but you're going with "we're normal." *sigh* Okay, fine, Sam was pretty wasted, but also out cold when that happened, but still.

However, there is another problem with ghost!Bobby, and not just that Bobby of all people should be smart enough to know better then to hang around as a ghost, but Bobby's ghost is apparently getting credit for directing Dean to the guy who knew healer!Cass, but since it would seem that Bobby is stuck with Dean because of the drinking flask how in the hell would Bobby know that McKenny (or whoever he was) knew about healer!Cass?

Still I guess it wasn't all bad, because like with Dean Garth grew on Sam like a fungus. Now if only we could get a shot of Garth hanging off Sam like a monkey hangs on a tree... Don't look at me that way, because I don't even know why that would delight me, but it would. And for what may be the first time in the history of ever I actually liked a kid on this show that wasn't young Dean or Sam, but the little girl in this episode was kind of adorable.